Book Review-Riots Of Love( Mohabbat Ke Dange)

unnamedAuthor: SHIKHA KAUL


My take on book:

It is always a delight to read Shikha Kaul book. This is author’s third book but surprisingly author took the subject which many people hesitate to write. You will know what i mean when you all read the book. My head bows down in respect for the author and my head is up and high with the proud work of the author.

Now What the book holds? This book will inspire you if you really care about the country, not just India. The country is not only in the hands of politicians but it is in your hands too. The author successfully achieved this through the book. The words which the author used are so simple that this book could reach out in every people hands(even a child could read). The author talks about politics, movie stars, religion,media what not, these things actually a venom in today’s world.

The character Avi just reflects the person who every citizen wants to be at some point. Avi character is not exaggerated nor underplayed. A perfect NRI who wishes to change the country for the better future. The author beautifully explained the social pressure and the pain where the celebrity kids suffer.

Few dialogues were really awesome that you will rethink what to teach your  children. My favorite lines are” Believe me friends,till a Hindu doesn’t represent Muslims and a Muslim doesn’t represent Hindus,India will never change socially”. And the 14 page interview session ( chapter) in the book was too awesome. Every lines was hitting my mind sharply.

It felt that the thriller was revealed very soon, the book was with more of social message than being a good thriller.Author could have extended the hide and seek game with thrilling court sessions.This book is not just a good attempt but effective attempt which gave the readers to know what is happening in ones country.

Definitely didn’t impress me much like Hidden Husband and DNA but i didn’t get disappointed with the author as she chose to write on this subject. Good work Shikha ji.

Rating: 4/5unnamed

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