Book Review-The Serpentine Scrolls

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Author : Alcatraz Dey 

My take on book:

Salute to the author for doing ground work efficiently to write such story. clearly it reflects the author efforts. very well knitted plot, seems to grip you till the end with the “to be continued” line.The story from Adam ,Eve to the present day. God, human,good,evil, terrorist attack,hacking and whats more, snakes play smooth role in this book. It’s like i was travelling in a time machine back and forth.The story effortlessly travels with awesome twists. 

Few characters and scenes were easily predictable. The women characters could have been more stronger. But don’t know what the author holds in second book. Let’s see. Airport scenes was too good, it felt like movie screenplay with all sorts of graphics behind. Do really an airport could be shut down as author scripted? . Again the credits goes to the author ground work and research regarding the terrorists and the attacks. Literally it was filmy( on a postive note). The author has revealed all the secrets and the prediction surrounds but still he claims that next part book is on the way,Should be interesting. Good luck to the author for the second part.


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