Social Animal VS Social Media.

Literally humanity is a myth. I am not talking about the 10% of the people who value the humanity not just by words but by heart. The remaining 90% ufffff, these are the people who totally misunderstood the humanity. These people just walk in the shade of humanity but not in the actual path of humanity.

This moment let me absorb you through a picture to explain you where my humanity stands. I was completely ashamed of what I did. Did it make any difference in me after that incident? Sorry I am still evaluating myself with that. I couldn’t get a clear picture ,that’s the reason. But I couldn’t forgive myself of what I did that day. Here it goes. I used to watch a dubbed serial two years back, it was prime time show. Suddenly that promotion came up for the upcoming episode of that week . The channel made sure that people should watch the entire week episodes. And the long wait was nearing and atlast they aired the episode. “What the ****? ” was my thought When I watched the episode. “I was expecting more” was my second thought. Let me reveal what was the promotion the channel telecasted and what was the episode about. The heroine and her husband family was shocked(their reaction was so so real) to see a video of the late husband/son in a tv channel. When the show was aired this is what happened. He was shot , yes that was just a one bullet shot, and  for this why the channel created this much hype.

Now do you people understand where my humanity stands? My heart just believed that a single bullet death is not that much pain. My mind was expecting something much than this. I am still ashamed of that thought. I couldn’t forgive myself.

Let me tell you another incident, this happened some three years back when I was waiting for train in T nagar. On the other side the train arrived and it was the time for the train to start . Suddenly heard a scream, a girl just slipped when she was trying to get in  ladies compartment of the train . It was just a fraction, pulled her immediately before she could get between the train and platform. That turned to see who the guy was. He was not there. I was watching this from little distance, so I was able to have a clear picture of what was happening. Yes that guy ,that saviour guy, saved her and boarded on that same train. If I had known that guy, believe me I would have hugged of him for such selfless help. But he didn’t wait to get a thank you note. He belongs to that 10% of people who i was talking.

Ok now coming to the point. Its purely my fictional thought to that train incident. I am just imagining if that incident had happened today, i mean the world where social media plays a major role. I believe that that guy who boarded the train will be busy updating the facebook status as ” saved a girl from a train accident , feeling proud”. His timeline will be pouring with likes and comments. And again if he had stayed there in station, people around him would have taken pictures of him and updated the their own status saying ” This guy saved a girl ,now let us make him famous for the help he had done” . This time there will more shares and likes. That guy will become famous. This sudden popularity will make him politically biased. Next time his selfless humanity will search for publicity. Social media will make true people to be biased.

Next there are few people who want to show their humanity by sharing social messages like ” needed A- blood immediately, kindly share”. And they will be sharing without any second thought. But they will not see the date originally it was posted. I am not blaming the noble thought of the people who share thinking it will save a people life. But these people fail to be responsible. They just share a picture and a status immediately but they won’t check the truth behind it. The picture and message in no way related to each other. They don’t understand that those status will initiate hatred to someone who belong somewhere.

Few people would ask,what about the people who stood for the people for chennai floods and jallikattu? Those were the people who belong to that 10% population. We know who were real protestors in jallikattu and who went just to update the status . Jallikattu changed as a political debate because of the same social media, because of the unnecessary videos and photos of what’s happening at jallikattu protest. You cannot deny my point. If you find a violent video in social network or politically biased video , its not necessary that you should share that video. Those video will create lot more negative impact than the positive impact. If you feel you want to be responsible , you could just update a status what you feel without sharing the video.

There is a film named “The Condemed”. The plot is ” The reality show producer buys ten death penalty prisoners and leave them in a forest, they should kill each other to survive and one who wins will get his /her freedom” . This entire killing show will be a live telecast ,to watch that you need to pay some dollars through online and the link will be open for you. There is interview session with the producer.And the conversation goes like this.

Donna Sereno: [TV interview] That means that kids can log on and watch murder.

Ian Breckel: Yeah sure they can, if they have a credit card.

Finally the interviewer will conclude that the people who have logged in to watch the murder are the people who is really condemned.

The truth behind our heart is we love violence. Atleast through mode we tend to watch and we act like we pity them. Pull yourself up ,that’s the reality. If not we will not share  or even watch such violent videos, even abusing someone badly is also violence.

You all may argue that ,anyways people are going to watch. Very true but make sure that before telling you children not to watch such videos when you have already shared and watched many.

Yesterday there was a huge an accident in mount , all of a sudden a large hole happened on the road. One bus and one one car got trapped inside the pit. Many shared the news with photos. I happened to see few peoples comments section. Oh my god, only 1 to 2 percent of the people asked ‘ were  the people who travelled in bus and car are safe?” . Remaining people started to talk about road condition , government negligence and blah blah blah. It was a hard hit for me. Do you know the reason why the people didn’t care about the people in car or bus, its because of the same social media. Hell the social media created so much bad thoughts about the government with their memes and all people cared to comment only about the goverment and nothing more. This memes arr just creating commotion and not awareness. When your social message ( atleast for them) is creating a negative impression , they why we should create one.

I see many people are busy taking videos even when a simple argument going on between two people and share it in social media without their consent.  Is this really we are ?, we don’t know the impact it will make to them or to the society. We all are just losing our value. We all have become inhuman. 

Stop capturing videos and photos unless  if the act is against law and order and share it to the police and not in social media. Please spread the positive things alone. It will heal the world. Make the world better. Its our outmost responsibility.

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