Book Review- Everyone Has A Story



My Take On Book:

This is author’s debut novel. The cover of the book suits the title. Blurb is so simple that, we could understand there won’t be much twists and turns.  Author cleverly took this theme , as she believed ” Every has a story.

The characters Meera, Kabir, Vivaan, Nisha are effortlessly penned as these are the people we meet in day to day life. Everyone has a past and everyone need a person to share that. 

Meera, the female protagonist wishes to write a book and she searches her story in a cafe. She wants to inspire the reader with her story. Soon she meets Vivaan the male protagonist. And the story takes the speed from that instance.

The friendship between Meera and Kabir was beautifully written with not much drama and sentiments. It was a matured friendship. The story didn’t deviate from the four characters. The author didn’t include family drama too.

Everyone Has A Story will be liked by the readers who reads short novels or who prefers to finish a book in few hours. As a debutant author, Savi has succeeded. The young generation would love the book but for the readers who explores books, surely it will be a disappointment.

Rating : 3.25/5

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