Book Review- Black Suits You.

Author : Novoneel Chakraborty

 Publisher : Penguin Random House

My Take On Book :

The cover page signals very well that the book is going to be with lot of twists and turns and of course accompanied with a women character. 

The best selling author reveals himself to social life only after the success of his trilogy. His social life starts with Success meet in various cities. There he receives a note and calls from a anonymous girl and soon she seduces him. She gifts him something which makes the best selling author to be her pet. He even stops his engagement with his girlfriend. 

Now the girl takes him to the same apartment where he and his ex girl friend lived.  The tale starts there. Only four characters in the book Kiyan, Anashya,kashti, Tina.

Both male and female protagonists turns out to be a antagonists. Both have their own reasons for their transformation. 

What worked out very well in the novel?. Its the game play by Kashti and Tina ,Anashya being the brain. Author cleverly plotted that Kiyan had to get help only from Anashya. The author had our eyes completely on Kashti and Tina and nothing beyond that.Kiyan was trapped ultimately without knowing that Anashya is part of the plan.The plan is not only a revenge but a novel too , exactly the same way like Kiyan,Live your story.

What I didn’t feel good about the novel. How someone could risk her life for the sake of other people revenge? That was totally absurd. The video played in the press meet could have destroyed Kiyan life but also the girls life too. The story ends with Anashya note, will live another story.

The thrill was good  and it worked too but could have handled with little logic. 

Rating: 3/5

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