Book Review- The Guardians Of The Halahala



Author: Shatrujeet Nath

Publisher: Jaico Books

My take on book: 

I am totally into the tale. Thanks to the author that it’s going to be big series. I could be in the halahala world for a long time..All i know about Vikramaditya is through the Vikramaditya and Vedal(in tamil). With the book i got to know this Vikramaditya and he is the same man. 

The author takes you to an ancient world with his powerful description and words. It was a mere treat for me to read about each and every character description.I couldn’t choose vikramaditya as the only protagonist as there were many characters who were even more superior than royal king Vikramaditya.

Remains of halahala is kept inside a dagger and Shiva the god chooses Vikramaditya, the human to be the caretaker of the dagger. The samrat accepts the task with the faith on his nine councilors. Later we come to know that these are the nine gems and  they are not aware of their strength yet. 

Vararuchi, half brother of Vikramaditya takes care of the kingdom until his brother is ready to be a king. Clearly the book is just a start for the secret to be revealed but then too the author has managed to make the book interesting with the sub tales like queen recovery, Amara simha and Ghatakapara journey to get the information about hunas, Shoorsena tale and so on. The story starts with huna attacks but ends with deva and rakshasha war against Avanti. is the huna attack real ? Are hunas really back to attack avanti? what are they waiting for?. 

I really liked the conversation parts between the people in the whole book. No deep drama or too emotions which made me to love the characters even more. We always rely on the superior power always but the nine councilors are independent in their own ways and did not depend on the strength of the royal king. I felt Vikramaditya character was really underplayed by the author or does he have a very big task in the other book. 

The story ended as like “to be continued” without the twist or thrill.So the next book will have a smooth start.I am ready to read the “The Conspiracy At Meru”.

People who love Mythology with ancient touch should grab this book for sure.

Amazon India

Rating 5/5  





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