Book Review- Semmaari, Aararivu Aadu


Author: Samura

Publisher: NotionPress

My Take on Book:

First and most i would like to thank the author for sending me the book for a honest review. The book was totally mind blowing. A perfect novel, with logical twists and turns. 

The novel is based upon the ancient game “Aadu Puli Aatam”(Lambs and tiger game). I have added the Wiki-link about the game at the end of the review.

Many of us will be aware of this game but would have not played most probably. I remember playing this as a computer game. But didn’t try to play as real game. Now with this novel, I am going to play it. That’s the success of the novel. 



The story starts with the novelist who travels with his family to the tourist place Mahabalipuram in Chennai.  There he meets a tourist guide named “Thesigar” who narrates the story of a young boy “Semmaari” who is well versed in the game of ” Aadu Puli Aatam”. Does the story travels through the eyes of tourist guide or through the eyes of author? That is the lovely part of the book.

Author beautifully brought the scene of ancient days with his simple words. The story was inter-related without any flaws and logical compromises. We all know that we should be true to what we do, if we do so then the success will follow us. This truth played major role in the novel.  Every character in this novel was best at what they do. 

Author made sure that he give lots of awareness to the society. Everyone has a talent and it does not chose according to caste and the job they do.  Your talent will shine when the right cause pops up. Semmari was the proof for above statement.

Semmari happens to learn the game from the famous Sculptor ” Nagalan” who belongs to the Chandranaadu kingdom. Semmari will eventually become well versed in “aadu puli aatam” and that too while playing with lamb as his side. One day a unknown person Gugan ( Other kingdom army head) challenges Nagalan to play the aadu puli aatam. When Gugan demands Nagalan hands as exchange if he wins, Nagalan understands the risk in the game. Semmaari comes there and rescues Nagalan. Soon the fight starts between both the kingdom but both of them searches for Semmaari to kill. From there the story take off like a jet and lands you at the last page.

The author has worked a lot for the Semmaari character and the tactics where Semmaari plays to rescue him and his family from the killers. He just plays the real aadu puli aatam game to kill his three killers. You people should read the novel to know What the plan was.  The last chapter just gives us the detailed background picture of Semmari plan  and this was surprising fact about the novel.

Overall I just loved the book and the game play.  A must read book for tamil book lovers.

The Lamb and the Tiger game

Amazon India


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