Book Review- The Conspiracy At Meru


Author: Shatrujeet Nath

Publisher: Jaico Books

My Take on Book:

Few Books will take us to different world,”The conspiracy at Meru”  is one such book.I have rated ” The Guardians Of  The Halahala”  5/5 but this book was even more awesome. This just proves how hard the author has worked to keep up the story with engaging plots and scenario. He just makes us to fall for mythology kind of books. 

Wow , this book is full of interaction between the characters.The author has taken the story not with his description but with the conversation among the characters. The last 200 pages will be like boosted rocket.

I liked the way of author explaining the character involvement with their physical description and  then revealing the character name. This actually gave me a one line thrill to know who that would be.

Udayasanga,Samsaptaka warrior , his character will be remembered by me forever. A separate chapter to tell his fearless fight against Hunas who died by the end of the chapter.

Still Samrat Vikramaditya direct battle on the grounds is missing but the nine councilors are the real pillars.Each battle gave birth to the gift to which the councilors possess. Kalidasa’s identity was a real shock. Chapter by chapter the enemy flock just increases which insists that story will be lot more twisting in the next book.

There were many short plots but author has knitted those very well with the main plot. Let it be Jayanta plan to prove who he is or Indra visit to Kubera. The Author has taken complicated plots at ease and was sure that readers will not get disappointed at any cost. He holds the story high with his powerful narration.

Will Kalidasa come back to samrat?

Will Vishaka recover?

What is the next plan of Asura and Devas?

Will Kalidasa return to his tribe?

Will Kubera be a threat in addition to Asura and Devas?

Will be there a situation as Vikramaditya VS Nine Councillors?

A lot questions to be answered in next book. Yes we all have to wait for the book.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review- The Conspiracy At Meru

    1. Hi,
      Author of the book is Shatrujeet Nath and the Publisher is JaicoBooks India.
      Genre is Mythological Fiction.
      This is series consisting of 4 books. Three have been released and 4th book expected to be release by next year. Fantastic and engaging series I would say.


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