Book Review- Siliconpuram (Tamil)


AUTHOR: Samura

PUBLISHER:Notion Press

My take on book:

This is the collection of 12 short stories which is happening in a place called Siliconpuram( Bangalore). After reading the author’s debut novel ” Semmaari” , i felt little disappointed after reading this short story collection as this book being the author’s first book. But accepting the fact that short stories are way different from novel. 

Each story had a message and of course a twist at the end, which i liked very much. Author took same names and characters and played it very well. 

“Bahubali Thatha”, ” EliPori”, “Beachoram”, ” Thvaruthal”, “Utkaarndha Idathilirundhe” were best among the short stories.

I am writing a one or two line review for each story.

Bahubali thatha: Author beautifully explained the pain of a old age people through the eyes of his son. Bahubali Thatha died( lived ) a day completely with his grandson making him happy and gave a unbearable pain to his son.

Elipori: How hierarchy works in a firm? , come and read this story, It was hilarious and witty at the end. Felt really sorry for Suresh.

Beechoram: Human mind always love to have thrill and risk in their mind. This story showed it clearly. Family outing with little thrill will be remembered forever.

Naanayam: The people whom we seem to avoid or neglect need not be a bad person, it’s our ignorance.We never listen to the people whom we decided to avoid in our mind. This story is perfect example what we lose if we don’t listen them.

Thavaruthal: Never judge a stranger with one situation or incident. That situation might have a different perspective at the end. 

Mudhal Sawaari: These men are crazy about car and bikes, so be careful with them. They might leave you behind on a busy road. Hilarious story among the other stories.

Naan Avanillai: Are you going for an interview to other firm? Just make sure that your seniors are applying for that so that you could go for an interview without the fear of being caught even though you don’t get to select.

Pinju Manam: The kids teach us a lot than anyone else could do for us.Open your heart to learn from them that being proud of them.

Utkaarndha Idathilirundhe:   Beware google is watching you. You are never invisible if you are a part of social network. The end was very funny indeed.

Peedhi: This is the only story which i didn’t like that much. Could’ve have narrated in better way.

Marakka Mudiyavillai:  Never insult or blame a person for the mistakes, that might not be their mistake at all. Guit will ruin you forever

Adikkarumbu:  Family union could be sometimes way too funny. It’s purely rely upon how you take that situation in your mind. Again an hilarious story from the author.

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