Book Review- Murder In The Elevator(Part 1&2)



Author : Ganga Bharani

Format: Kindle Edition

My Take on Book:

This is a two part book, short and crispy crime novel which is an ultimate page turner. I am reviewing the two part as one as this is a crime thriller. The crime and the investigation is well played and keeps us to get involved to the story .

Part1:The story starts with a murder in the elevator whose throat was slit open but no weapon was found with the murder suspect. Kushal was assigned to investigate the crime and he was  accompanied by Diya, an aspirant who wants a crime story to write. Kushal accepts her to accompany him as she is the daughter of the senior cop.

Geeth being the only person in the elevator was taken under the custody. Lara, victim wife believes Geeth to be the murderer. Soon many people were brought for interrogation. And the doubt just bounced from one person to the other. Kushal gets doubt on Elevator technician, watchman and Gautam.

The romantic portions between Kushal and Diya was really cute. Even the past of Diya also to be mystery box and revealed it perfectly. Author has did fine work in investigating each time frame which happened before and after the murder. Author finished the part 1 with the sequence of happenings which kushal found out during the investigation.

Part2: The story started with the romantic portion between Kushal and Diya and meeting up Lara. Lara discloses that Geeth has an affair with Vicky and Vicky is a good guy who is against the thoughts of Geeth. But Kushal believes that Geeth is not the murderer and she suggests different kind of story.

Kushal gets a strong evidence from the canteen guys and his doubt falls on watchman and elevator technician. I really liked the way how Kushal played with watchman and elevator technician to get the truth. And that truth just surprises us a lot and they are not the actual murderers. Good work author. Kushal had doubt on Gautam too but his character was missing in this part. But you will know why his character is missing while you read half way through the book.

A doll played a major role in the story. I am not going to reveal furthermore as the story to be read by you all to know who the killer is. The killer may be usual but the way of killing was awesome. Its very intelligent that  how the author took simple fact to be a main fact and build it to a fine crime thriller.

Could you kill a person by throat slit without a weapon? Was there really no weapon used? If you want to know it, then come and read this story.

I really wish the author to publish this as a paperback.





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