Book Review- The Women Behind The Waterfall

Author: Leonora Meriel

Publisher: Granite Cloud

My Take On Book:

Mesmerizing tale through the eyes of a girl. Does life has a second chance ? Yes indeed , the way we take up the life is the absolute solution. This book portrays in a beautiful way.

“I want to disappear into the dough of your body, pushing myself back in,you would roll and knead me into yourself and I would be safe forever”

What a charming line to express the Mother’s love and care. This single line at the start of the book made me realize that this book will not disappoint me.

This is a story of a little girl Angela who sees the sorrow behind the eyes of her mother. The girl struggles hard to bring happiness and meaning to her mother’s life

The author takes us to the extraordinary world where we fail to believe that it exists but the truth is that this world always exists within ourselves.

The part one was really slow that I doubted where would the story take me. But that proved me wrong when I read part two.

The author has a wonderful gift of words. The words were flowing flawlessly as if we are diving through the deep ocean of words.

Each and every character had their own reasons for their mistakes. Author didn’t portray any character to take a negative side. I like that part in the book.

What if our life takes us to other path than the existing one? Will it give us happiness? will it be the way we expected? This book gives the true answer to the question.

The journey of Angela with her night spirit and Grandmother was magical and inspiring. Whatever loss we get in life is not the end of the world.

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