Book Review- Kansa

AUTHOR: Prassant Kevin

PUBLISHER: Inked Company Publishing

No Of Pages:398

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Story Line:

A serial killer who kidnaps pregnant women and kills both the mother and child after a span of time. Only one man could find who the murderer is, who indeed has his own dark past. Will he succeed?

Book Cover Review:
Title on the book cover was really nice and the backdrop could have been better so as to match the storyline.

Book Review:
To be honest the book is a page Turner and it would compel us to finish it in one go. Fantastic crime thriller by the author.
The story starts with a random couple whose car hits a girl on a highway. The girl seems to be kidnapped and tortured by someone. The case was handed over to ACP Saargi who believes that it is the work of Kansa who abducts pregnant women and kills them. Kansa has killed over 40 women and children over the span of 10 years. ACP believes that professor Black will help to get close to the murderer. And as the investigation forwards,more and more knots loosens and it will be the usual unexpected person to be the murderer.

The author has very well worked on the story but missed to fill in few logical loop holes like
1. How did Meher managed to escape from the murderer?
2. Confusion in the relationship status of Black ‘s family.
3. There was no explanation about why the murder stopped for few years and why it regained again?
4. There was no mention about who the killer was, the killer who tortured the pregnant women even though the boss was Mira and Roy.
5. “Annu Kesharwani.Follow the white Rabbit.Find her and talk to her”Who is Annu Kesharwani? Is it the old lady?What is white rabbit?
6. What is the role of the necklace in this story? Why the connection was not mentioned?
7. Was Arjun involved in the murder? How come he was out from custody as the case was against him?

If the above doubts and logics were mentioned in the story, then this story would have been a best crime thriller. But still the author holds the thrill in lot more other ways to make the readers engrossed in the story.

The author has mentioned as this is Professor Black trilogy so don’t know whether the next book is going to be the continuation of this story involving Shruti or is it going to be different story about Shruti?

A) what I Liked:

The twists and turns were really good and it worked out very well. The investigation was quiet convincing and thrilling.

B) what didn’t work out:

The logical loop holes which made me to doubt about the ending.The editing could have been better as there were few grammatical mistakes.


Definitely Yes , for crime thriller book lovers.

Buy Links:

Amazon India

Goodreads Page

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