Book Review – Bombay Fever

Author : Sidin Vadukut

Publisher: Simon & Schuster India

No Of Pages: 371

Genre: Medical Thriller

Story Line:

A disease with cough as it’s first symptom is being carried by an Indian journalist all the way from Switzerland to Bombay. Is it going to be a curable disease ? Or is it going to bring down the state to chaos? Will the authorities come up with the cure? Welcome to the days of ” Bombay Fever”.

Book Cover Review:
The book cover itself will reveal some part of the story. Fitting book cover to the title, Bombay Fever.

Book Review:
This is my first medical thriller novel and i am glad that i read this book.
Author has done essential groundwork to write this novel and that was clearly Seen throughout the pages of the book.
Hormazd Patel a journalist visit Geneva where he meets Kanimozhi who has severe cough. Next day Kanimozhi melted just like that in the hands of Patel. From there the story starts to climb the ladder.
Patel being the carrier of the deadly disease reaches Mumbai. He starts to feel sick and eventually his mother gets the symptoms and the outbreak happens which developed as “Bombay Fever” and kills thousands and thousands of people.

* The author didn’t end up the story to Zombie zone.
* The author didn’t emphasis only on thriller but smoothly went through the procedures of medical thriller.
* I liked the way author followed the set of hierarchy to reveal the suspense and the theory behind the Bombay Fever.

Aayush Vajpeyi character was really responsible and added taste to the story. The conversation between Justice Kashyap and Aayush Vajpeyi drew a table of what happens if a chaos outbursts.

The buzz the media and press creates was realistic. The mention about the ” Over the counter medication” could create awareness among the readers.

Overall the book was nice and good medical thriller with the course of action of a disease outbreak with less drama but more with medical facts and reasons.

A) what I Liked: Simple use of language, No emotional drama. There were no deviation from what, the author thought to exhibit.
B) what could have been better: The goverment involvement and scenes could have been elaborated as in action.

Recommendation: Definitely Yes

Buy Links:

Amazon India

About the Author:

Sidin Vadukut is a journalist, columnist and blogger. He has an engineering degree from NIT Trichy and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

In a career spanning around a decade he has made automotive parts, developed online trading platforms, almost set up a retailing company and had a sizeable portion of a tree fall on his head. He is currently an editor with the Mint business newspaper.

Sidin lives in New Delhi with his wife, two PlayStations, four laptops and a desktop computer. He blogs at

(Courtesy: Goodreads)

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