Book Review- You Came Like Hope

You Came Like Hope - Jyoti Arora 30 Sept - Copy (2) (1) Author: Jyoti Arora

Version: Kindle

No Of Pages: 346

Genre: Contemporary Romance



“I heard them mourn my death. I lay in the next room. Motionless, silent, and staring at the ceiling.”


“When it comes to a broken person, some of them are expert at blinding you. Spend an entire evening with such a person, but you may still not know how he is crushing inside.”


“Who would say no to him? He is smart, intelligent, super handsome, rich, suave and sophisticated. He’s perfect!”


“Pooja gave no explanation. She asked no forgiveness. She just arrived in his home, resenting him for being her husband.”


“He had smiled as if nothing was wrong.

He had behaved as if he still had his dreams and hopes.

He had pretended as if it didn’t hurt.

But it did.”


Does Destiny hold the key to our happiness?

Is it always the feeble that is the victim?

Love can be the embrace of heaven. But what happens when it unleashes hellfire?

Lose yourself in the intense narrative of You Came Like Hope as it unleashes a rollercoaster of emotions, uncovers some bitter truths, challenges widespread prejudices, and forces you to reconsider your beliefs.

Book Cover Review

The cover needs a special mention here. what a lovely art which gels with the title.

Book Review

Peehu with her past life experience had developed a inferior feeling about her and stays away from the society. Where as her twin sister Pakkhi is successful at each and everything. Life throws a chance for Peehu to be successful like her sister. That chance makes a way for her to meet Aadhi, her love and Mani. Soon Peehu understands the chance that the fate has given her is wrong. She backs off from that but soon she faces the consequences for her mistakes. Will she lose Aadhi? Aadhi has his own past life which pulls him from falling in love with Peehu. Will they overcome their past to win the future? The start of the book was really different. Doubted on which genre am I reading.

Two people who have dark past life meets at a point. Author intelligently portrayed the relationship where two of them didn’t fall for each other out of pity. Peehu reminds of girls we meet in our day to day life. Aadhi in turn is quite unusual person and that made me to like his character. Uday was genuine with his ways,Couldn’t confine him as an antagonist.

The book was a quick read but obviously gave warmth to the heart. This story travelled so smoothly as there were no drastic emotions or scenes like other stories.It’s a pure romantic novel.

Overall, You came like hope will give us a hope towards life,love and trust.


Yes, romantic lovers you will definitely like this book.


Read an excerpt (Chapter 17)

It is not so easy to battle desire. It is not easy to battle the greatest need of our heart, the need to love and be loved. After years of cold solitude, love had broken through his armour. With it must have entered all the hopes and dreams that are the food of a young heart. When he looked at me at that moment, it was as if he was staring at the delicious possibilities of all that he had forbidden himself. The magic of a kiss, the joy of embrace, the comfort of having a hand to hold in life’s lonely wanderings, and the passion of love. All the wonderful possibilities of the future.

But there are some people who glance at the future with a shudder. Because the shadow of their past is so dreadful that they can see no light piercing through its gloom. Such a person was Adih, despite all his show of cheer and strength. Beaten by his past, he had selected the safest path and denied himself the liberty to look at any other option. All through the years, he had convinced himself that as long as Mani was well and happy, he needed nothing more.

That conviction was on a shaky ground now.

Since I had thrown myself in his arms after the party, and he had let his arms wrap around me, I guess he felt the lure of the forbidden and the possibility of stepping out of the barriers he himself had created. The barriers that had served him well till then in keeping love away. Maybe, he was scared of love. Because with love comes the risk of losing it. With love comes the risk of getting burnt with it. When love burns, it consumes even the soul. He had seen that happening to his brother.

‘Peehu,’ he said, when he was ready with his answer. He looked at me in a way that made me feel warm all over and yet sent a chill racing to my heart. ‘Why would I be scared of you? As I told you earlier, you are Rajni’s cousin, Mani’s teacher and my friend. That’s it. Now go and enjoy your ice cream.’

‘That’s it?’ I knew the answer, but still asked.

Adih took a deep breath, looked straight into my eyes and delivered his sentence. ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘That’s all it is ever going to be.’

As I looked at him, I did not see the proud man capable of pushing everyone away with biting sarcasm. I saw the face of a man pushing away what he now desired most of all. The face that looked hard as ice one instant, and seemed ready to melt like snow the next.

There I stood, looking up at him, offering him my most ardent love, promising him the sweetest the life can bring. Yet, he looked at me for just a moment more, then turned his back on me.

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About The Author

Jyoti Arora is a novelist and blogger from Ghaziabad. You Came Like Hope is her third novel, coming after Dream’s Sake and Lemon Girl. She is Post Graduate in English Literature and Applied Psychology.

Jyoti has over five years of experience working as a freelance writer. This experience includes abridging over 24 famous English classics like Jane Eyre, Moby Dick etc.

Jyoti Arora is a patient of Thalassemia Major. But she does not let this stop or discourage her. For her determination and achievements, Jyoti has received appreciation from Ms Sheila Dixit, Ms Maneka Gandhi and the Ghaziabad wing of BJP. Her life story has been covered in various local and national TV shows, radio programs, newspapers, magazines and websites like YourStory and Inspire India. She was also one of the ‘100 Women Achievers of India’ that were invited to witness the Republic Day parade of India (2016) as special guests.

Besides reading and writing novels, Jyoti also enjoys blogging and has won several blogging competitions. She loves checking out latest technological innovations, watching movies, and listening to old Bollywood songs. 

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2 thoughts on “Book Review- You Came Like Hope

  1. Hi, thanks for the review. I’m delighted to know you enjoyed the book.
    I agree with you that You Came Like Hope is not a usual romance. My intent was to write about a serious topic in an entertaining way. So, the romance revolves around a theme, instead of just being a love story.

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