Book Review: Rise Of The Erifs( The Fire Song chronicles,Book 1)


Author: Atlanta Bushnell

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

No of Pages: 388

Genre: Young Adult Series, Fantasy, Adventure


“What is that?!” “An Erif. A killing machine. If they catch us, they’ll kill us. That’s all you need to know.” The Erifs are ruthless, powerful and unforgiving. They feed on rage and hatred. And Prince Torin is all that stands in their way. He is young and impulsive. Determined to protect those he loves at any cost as their kingdom prepares for war with the Erifs – a fierce race of warriors – even if it means paying the ultimate price. But little does he know that those closest to him are hiding dark secrets. And in a land where battle lines are drawn in blood and carved out with fire, secrets could end them all.

This review is part of Celebrityreadshush review tour. I would  like to thank her and my review is unbiased and honest.

Book Review

One of the best Young Adult book I have read so far. I could just sum up this review with this one line. But I have lot more to say as this novel was absolutely entertaining.

This novel is book 1 of “The fire song chronicles” series. So it’s going to be much more fun for the readers.

There are seven kingdoms which is ruled by their own king and queen,and they all are connected by a pathway and are guarded by pathguards. Now there is one kingdom Keppar which doesn’t believe in this treaty and falls out from the collaboration. Crimson who is the queen of Keppar wishes to take over all the other five kingdoms. she plans to clear the most powerful kingdom Latainia. Will Keppar succeed ? Will Latainia escape from the fire emitting Erifs? The book just holds up an extraordinary journey for us to get the answer.

Author didn’t spend much words to describe the kingdoms unlike the other fantasy kingdom novels. But believe me it was not needed at all.She just took the plot and unleashed it with action packed conversations and war fights. At the start of the story, the editing could have been better but it didn’t matter when the story took its fast heels.

Each and every character was magnificent.Torin the crown prince of Latainia, Jaydar his brother,Daye ,Kalani,Aurora , Alex( the earth people) everyone did a wonderful job. Aurora was just awesome .

There were really smart twists for us to have a grip on the story. The story just travels only with the exchange of dialogues with the characters and yet it didn’t make me feel bored. For this fantasy it really worked out.

Keppar kingdom takes Latainia under its control however Torin along with her sister Kalani escapes to Earth through the pathway,while his brother was abducted by the Erifs. Now the big things falls upon Torin’s shoulders. He has to save his brother and his kingdom and most importantly he needs support from the other kingdoms to win the Erifs. And the quest begins.

I cannot reveal much as this is book1 on the series , so just read this novel and you all will have a electrifying fantasy happening in your mind. You will have no desire to put the book down.


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About the Author

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Hi, I’m Atlanta Bushnell!

I live in a seaside suburb in Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Education at university to be a primary school teacher, so I divide my time between studying for my course and writing my novels, which means at times I have to write late at night and sometimes even into the early hours of the morning. Any spare time I have left over I usually spend with friends and family who are a constant inspiration and encouragement. Any other spare time I have I leave for my music, drawings and of course a good book.

The Fire Song Chronicles is available now!

Book 1: Rise of the Erifs
Book 2: Secrets in the Ice

I’m currently writing the third book in the series.

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