Book Review- Secrets In The Ice( The Fire Song Chronicles, Book 2)

secret of ice

Author: Atlanta Bushnell

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

No Of Pages: 458

Genre: Young Adult Series, Fantasy, Adventure


The Shewolf. 

Half wolf, half human. 

All monster. 

Prince Torin has travelled to the frozen kingdom of Klemenite to negotiate an alliance against the Erifs. More importantly to secure the use of the ice cannons. But the Klemenite King wants a favour in return. 

The head of the Shewolf. 

The King wants Torin to kill the Shewolf, leader of the mysterious Wolf Clan. Legend says they are bloodthirsty killers, beasts of the forest. All who enter their domain are never heard from again. 

So along with his friends, Torin ventures straight into the heart of the forest, determined to lay this myth to rest one way or another.

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Book Review

This series ought to be made as a film or a TV series. I am stunned by the author’s talent of knitting the story with engaging plots. I feel a strong bonding with the story now.

Torin with the help of resistance sets up a camp in Latainia. Latainia is now in the hands of Laykin the crown prince of Keppar. To fight the fire monsters, Torin needs the ice cannons. But that machine belongs to the Kingdom Klemenite. Torin along with Jaydar, Kalani, Daye,Bowa, Aurora and Alex travels to Klemenite. Klemenite offers to help Torin but on one condition that they have to capture a beast which is killing the village people.  King Orral believes that the beast is SheWolf the leader of Wolf clan. Torin accepts the offer and travels with his team to encounter the beast. Will they acquire the cannons? Will it be a easy path for Torin? Well, you to have to dive into ” Secrets In The Ice” now.

Author is on top gear and there is no way in stopping. The characterization gets better and better in each and every page. There are more secrets involved in this book. With the new characters I am pretty much sure that the next installment will be even more adventurous.

There is tint of romance here and there. But there is much of respect and love towards the sibling bond , patriotism and trust towards the people.

At the end of each combat and fight ,some secrets unwraps. The way author kept the pace of the story throughout the 458 pages, is noteworthy. To be honest I am at loss of words to explain my excitement. There are many secrets which should be kept as a secret from you all. The plots and the twists are the main pillar which enfolds the entire book. So readers, read the book and you won’t regret it, 


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About the Author

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Hi, I’m Atlanta Bushnell!

I live in a seaside suburb in Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Education at university to be a primary school teacher, so I divide my time between studying for my course and writing my novels, which means at times I have to write late at night and sometimes even into the early hours of the morning. Any spare time I have left over I usually spend with friends and family who are a constant inspiration and encouragement. Any other spare time I have I leave for my music, drawings and of course a good book.

The Fire Song Chronicles is available now!

Book 1: Rise of the Erifs
Book 2: Secrets in the Ice

I’m currently writing the third book in the series.

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