Book Review- A Home For Urvashi

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Author: Sanchali Bhattacharya

Publisher: Harpercollins India

No Of Pages: 345

Genre: Contemporary Fiction.


Death separates Dulari from her beloved twin sister, Ujjwala. Forlorn, her spirit remains on Earth as a powerless but constant companion to Ujjwala. Like the apsara Urvashi, she has the power to travel between worlds but no family, no one to love.

Dulari has a dream: she hopes to be reborn as Ujjwala’s daughter and find a home for herself. Twenty-nine years have gone by, but her dream remains unfulfilled. There is hope, though, for Ujjwala has a son and now longs for a daughter.

Then arrives a man from Ujjwala’s past. His presence upsets her life and sets into motion a series of events that threaten to destroy her completely. Only Dulari can save her sister, but to do that, she must relinquish her dream.

Sensitively written and evocative, A Home for Urvashi depicts the bond of sisterhood that goes beyond life and death.

I would like to thank WritersMelon and HarperCollinsIndia for the review copy. My review is honest and totally unbiased.

Book Review

The Book Cover is so Serene and pleasant. I expected the book would be more of emotional bonafides but it was not that. Actually this novel has every kind of mood to sink in. I simply loved that.

Ujjwala and Dulari are twins and they were abandoned in a garbage bin. Dulari died while Ujjwala survived. Dulari enters the spirit world and opts for a rebirth to be Ujjwala sister. But fate plays its trick and Dulari is waiting for rebirth to be born as Ujjwala daughter. Will Dulari get her chance to live a mortal life to be with Ujjwala? Does God has other plan? Well you have to read the book to know it.


Dulari character was gracefully embedded around Ujjwala. We might fall for Ujjwala easily but author kept the thin but strong thread for us to hold on to Dulari. The writing was so good that I could feel all the emotions of Dulari hitting through my heart.

Author emphasised few social issues and it purely went through the eyes of characters.Author didn’t keep Dulari character as a pure selfless soul, she had all emotions but chose her sister wellness rather than her state of mind.

I loved the outer space characters thoroughly. Mother, Beral ( She is indeed an heavenly soul) , Daree everyone. I didn’t expect the plot to jump over to a crime thriller. That was tricky one. But then too author brilliantly  solved the crime only through the world of Dulari. This book is totally a treat for the people who love imaginary tale.The only thing i felt low in the book is the length of the story. At few pages I felt it was more dragging.

Author has splendidly written the tale of sisterhood, a selfless love and sacrifice. The end was unpredicted. It is a win-win happy end for author and we as well.


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About The Author

An electrical engineer from Jadavpur University, Sanchali Bhattacharya is a director in her own engineering and manufacturing company. Sanchali’s short stories have featured in The Statesman. She is married and has a son. She lives in Kolkata.








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