Book Challenge

Reading Challenge 2018-First Reads

The year 2017 has been a wonderful year for me when I think of books and reviews. On GoodReads I took the challenge of reading 20 books and ended up reading 33 books.

Another year on the card now, 2018. So I decided to the challenge of reading 30 books. Added to that I am also participating in ” Reading Challenge- First Reads” hosted by b00k r3vi3ws and signing up for the level “Amateur : To read 1 – 25 New Authors”.

You could sign up here if you are interested to participate in this challenge.

A challenge will always keep us to move forward. So go ahead and join the club. Let’s have fun in joy of reading more books.

I will update the books name which I finish ,on this page regularly with the links of my reviews.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Review Links

1. Book Review- Collateral

2. Book Review-Scent Of An Undiscovered Writer

3. Book Review- Hell No Saints In Paradise

4. Book Review- Fear Is The Key

5. Book Review- The Company Files, The Good Man

6. Book Review- You Don’t Know What Love Is

7. Book Review- Ben O’reilly

8. Book Review- 8 Hours

9. Book Review-When the Chief fell In Love

10.Book Review- Fate’s Design

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