Book Review- Collateral

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Author: Vineet wankhede


No Of Pages: 120

Genre: Thriller


Dave is a website designer who is trying to make ends meet. His wife helps him with work and they manage their small office together.

While shopping in a grocery store one day, Dave sees an unattended baby. He starts talking to her vaguely, but realizes she hasn’t started speaking yet. He waits for her parents to show up, but no one does. An unpleasant event happens in the same grocery store and he takes the baby with him.

But when someone responsible for the child finds out about Dave, chaos follows.

Book Review

This book is a very short suspense thriller story. All you need is few hours to complete it. 

Dave and Bethany plans to celebrate their daughter’s eighth birthday. Bethany insists Dave to reveal the secret to Emily, that she is their adaptive daughter. Dave tells the story to Emily as how she was adapted. And the story takes us backward to eight years.

Emily character was really cute. Her conversation with Dave was witty. Author did a fantastic job of adding small and crisp thrills here and there. Right from the start of the story there were surprise twists. Being the debut novel,author has done a neat work . There were no unnecessary twists or an elaborate scenes but the twists were expected one.Still for a story of 120 pages this was a good effort with simple plot and straight twist and turns. 

Overall ,Take this book on your short trip and you will like it.


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Amazon india || ABeBooks

About The Author

Vineet Wankhede is a 23 year old writer from Nagpur, India. He is raw and a no nonsense kid, and the same is reflected in his work as well.
He doesn’t have a Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking account, and he honestly says there aren’t many interesting things about him. ‘Collateral’ is his debut work and he doesn’t want to be tied down only to the mystery genre. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was his inspiration in school days and he hopes to achieve the same set of writing skills someday.
(Courtesy: GoodReads)





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