Book Review-Scent Of An Undiscovered Writer


Author: Callre

Publisher: NotionPress

No Of Pages: 238

Genre : Inspirational Fiction


This is the story of a guy who started life in an ordinary way … but adversity and hardships prepared him for an extraordinary destiny. A fickle-minded youth, without really meaning to, becomes a graphic designer. Despite having passion to execute something incredible, he loses his path and becomes confused about the next day. But if he has to make it large, he should start making meaningful choices that would instill dedication in him. He starts his journey laced with deep, heart-felt emotions, obstacles, enthusiasm and motivation.

Join him on an enthralling, entrancing and inspiring journey, encrypted with the meaning of life.

I would like to thank the author for the review copy and my views over here are totally unbiased and honest.

Book Review

I am really sorry to say that this book didn’t live upto the mark which it had when I saw the book cover, book title and book blurb. Author has written only with the happenings of his own life but failed to engage the reader. The book is full of pages about the separate events and author didn’t link it with his fictional writer mind.

Author mentioned that this is an inspirational journey of his life yet I couldn’t feel that inspiration through his words.And this book is in need of professional editor for the story construction and to avoid grammatical mistakes. Though the language is simple yet the author didn’t make me to feel content.

The young generation would have loved this book if author had worked on moulding the story in an effective way as they could relate the story to their life. Only with the events we cannot inspire people but with the way of retelling the events does matter.

Overall scent of Undiscovered Writer was plain in narration and it needs a better construction so as to touch the readers heart.


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About The Author

Callre A.K.A Abhishek Mohta, aged twenty-three, is a simple Delhi-based guy who had dreamt of becoming a storyteller for the past seven years.Apart from writing, Callre loves painting and exploring new places. He aims to motivate, inspire and change people’s life with his writings.His favorite genres are inspirational and romance fiction. He believes in living life in a moment.You can connect with him at








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