Book Review- The Company Files, The Good Man

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Author : Gabriel Valjan

Publisher: Winter Goose Publishing

No Of Pages: 251

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Detective


Jack Marshall had served with Walker during the war, and now they work for The Company in postwar Vienna. With the help of Leslie, an analyst who worked undercover gathering intelligence from Hitler’s inner circle, they are tasked to do the inconceivable: recruit former Nazis with knowledge that can help the U.S. in the atomic race. But someone else is looking for these men. And when he finds them, he does not leave them alive. In this tale of historical noir, of corruption and deceit, no one is who they say they are. Who is The Good Man in a world where an enemy may be a friend, an ally the enemy, and governments deny everything?

I would like to thank Author’s Assistant Team for the review copy and my review here is totally unbiased and honest.

Book Review

This is my first book on the genre setup on world war. Being unaware of the details of war I found it quite “unaware mood” popping here and there. I was hardly tossing the pages but once the pace took its wheels ,I felt myself getting involved with the story. 

This is a fantastic thrilling espionage tale where we find hard to guess when the twist would emerge. The Ex-army friends Jack and Walker work together to bring out the information from the former Nazis. But they find that someone is ahead of all their steps and even the murder happens. They ought to determine who they should focus ,whether its is British, Americans or Russians. But out of nowhere they are suddenly introduced to the involvement of the historical treasure which is believed that it never exists. 

Author has brillant taste for the spies , his narration was unique and intriguing. The post war setup was interesting and emotional at times. Most lovable character in the book would be Sheldon. I usually hesitate to go through the deep description but the prose which the author indulged me was so good which made me to read the entire description. The End of the story was very good and it was like having a warm coffee on a cold night.

Overall this book is a different read for me where I didn’t see a sudden twist but a slow and steady story with ample turn on and fascinating events .


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About The Author

Gabriel Valjan is the author of the Roma Series from Winter Goose Publishing as well as numerous short stories, including Back in the Day, short-listed for the 2010 Fish Short Story Prize. Born and raised in New Jersey, his education took him from California to northern England, with time spent in several European countries. Gabriel has worked in diverse fields such as consulting, engineering, information technology, and healthcare. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he enjoys the local restaurants, and his two cats, Squeak and Squawk, keep him honest to the story on the screen.

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