Book Review- Ben O’reilly

Author: Adam Peled

Sold By: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

No Of Pages: 168

Genre: Thriller, Mystery,Action


Imagine finding yourself added to a WhatsApp group whose members start disappearing!

Ben O’Reilly, divorced and in his 40s, is a member of an elite reserve combat unit who has lost his faith in love and relationships. He finds himself added by an unknown individual to a mysterious WhatsApp group. The only group member known to him is Eddie, who once was his best friend but became his enemy. Ben falls for Sharon, who he discovers was once married to a member of the group. Then group members begin to disappear one by one, and Ben suspects that he is also being targeted by a well-known mafia boss in the group.

Then a call to an unknown group member sets off a bomb!

When Ben dials an unknown group number, his call triggers a bomb at the airport. Sharon is injured in the blast, but Ben worries that she is somehow tied to the attempts on his life. When Ben arrives at her home, he discovers that she had been involved with sinister members of the WhatsApp group.

Ben must bring all of his skills together to best the bad guys!

Faced by a shady espionage conspiracy, involving his former best friend and a shady FBI agent, and a raucous gang-war, Ben must act. Can he neutralize the evil forces and bring them to justice?

I would like to thank Author’s Assistant Team for the review copy and my review here is totally unbiased and honest

Book Review

I think I have built an interest in reading ex-military kind of novels and that’s why I chose to give a read on this. I would say this book didn’t disappoint me.  This novel was really simple in language and easy paced. 

Well the blurb itself will give what the story holds for us but I was really addicted how the story was absorbed all way down to the last page. The story started off really that simple but slowly the thrill was introduced and kept me involved. This is a very short thriller novel to get you glued.

But why there were less action sequences? I felt that the action were too easy and finished off soon or it was skipped. I would have loved if it was there.

Coming to the characters, author has done an handsome job. Ben was totally like a darling to me. He absolutely rocked the show. His act of love , responsibility and his dutiful side everything was fantastically knitted.The mystery was nice and sort of engaging. I was glued with Ben that I forgot to guess ,so the twist was catchy and surprising. But still I was expecting action sequences more (may be I am influenced by Hollywood kind of movies)

Overall Ben O’Reilly is a fast paced thriller but with less action novel which finishes off neatly. I would like to see Ben more in author’s upcoming novels.CTD317201719594

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About The Author

Adam Peled was the head of the IDF counter terror school between 2001-2004.
In the year 2000, after serving 5 years in the Air Force Rescue Unit, he decided to transfer to combat training at the counter terrorist school. Back then the “rules of the game” where blurry and it seemed that everything goes in the name of aggression and determination.
Out of 32 soldiers who began the course only 12 finished. Adam was the first and the last soldier that did this course as an officer, and was ranked at the top of the course.
Today Adam is a member of Kibbutz Nir Ham, married to Maayan and father to Yoav and Liya. He still serves his country as the head of the counter terrorist school for security guards in the private sector.



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