Book Review- Fate’s Design

Author: Subhashish Dey

Publisher: Good Times Books PVT LTD

No Of Pages: 204

Genre: Drama, Mystery


When a kidnapper redeems his lost conscience and finds himself unable to murder the girl he has kidnapped, what does he do? Fate is cruel to him, and good intentions are never enough.

At the same time, a woman dissatisfied with her existence flees from her home, not knowing what lies ahead of her. But all things come at a price, and she has a hard path ahead through storms and fire.

Watch how fate has entwined these lives together, into a song through struggles of conscience and identity, through the deepest lows and greatest highs, and through the flame of madness and the stings of survival.

I would like to thank Author’s Channel for the review copy. My review here is totally unbiased and honest.

Book Review

Is this book really by a fourteen year old boy? I am just amazed. Author has done a remarkable job in this novel. 

Fate could drag us to any extent no matter who we are. This book is one such example for that. The narration was outstanding ( The author’s just age pops up when I write this review) in most part of the story. I mean the way author expressed the feeling of love, affection ,conscience, betrayal,harassment and everything was really matured. It was not exaggerated nor underplayed but were at the right scale.  The part where the forgiveness came up at many occasions was expressed real simple and touched my heart easily. I really loved that.

The story construction was lucid and comfortable. Towards the end I was able to predict the sequence or the flow of the story but still I completed the story without skipping the pages. The reunion of Andrei and Irina was definitely a best chapter for me. The author brought his best in this chapter by expressing the vacuum between them being filled with love and care.

I wish the author to have a successful writing  career and entertain us with more such novels.

Overall “Fate’s Design” glued me emotionally with the characters and gave me a promise that whatever the life holds for us, it is not the ultimate end and life has it’s own design.


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About The Author

Subhashish is a 14 year old student of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Anna Nagar. He has been regularly contributing short stories to his school magazine. An avid reader, Subhashish believes that books open the doors to some wonderful insights in life. An inquisitive boy, Subhashish loves to explore different places and spends time trying to understand the culture of the people there.

Subhashish lives in Chennai along with his parents and grandmother. This is his first attempt at writing a novel. Subhashish is passionate about music and loves singing and playing his piano. Incidentally , music forms the backbone  for the story if his novel.









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