Book Review- 3 And A Half Murders

Author: Sallil Desai
Publisher: FingerPrint Publications
No Of Pages: 325
Genre: Thriller, Murder Mystery

Two corpses . . . a woman lying dead on her bed, a man hanging from the ceiling fan.
A suicide note cum murder confession.
And a name . . . Shaunak Sodhi.

When the case comes their way, Senior Inspector Saralkar has just been diagnosed with hypertension and PSI Motkar is busy with rehearsals of an amateur play.

What appears at first to be a commonplace crime by a debt-ridden, cuckolded husband, who has killed his unfaithful wife and then hung himself, soon begins to unfold as a baffling mystery.

As clues point to a seven-year-old unsolved murder in Bangalore and other leads emerge closer home, Saralkar and Motkar find themselves investigating shady secrets, bitter grudges, fishy land deals, carnal desires, the dead woman Anushka Doshi’s sinister obsession with past life regression and her husband’s links to a suspicious, small-time god-man, Rangdev Baba. And then, suddenly, the murderer resurfaces and yet another life is in grave danger . . .

Can Saralkar and Motkar get to the bottom of an unimaginably shocking motive and stop the malevolent killer from committing the fourth murder . . .?

Book Review

At last a perfect murder mystery which absorbed me completely within itself. Well the plot gave me a hint that this book is going to be a power packed novel.This is my first book by the author and I have already decided to pick up other “Inspector Saralkar” books too.

The narration was clean and the mystery was bundled like tightly wrapped up ball with many small secrets.Only Saralkar mind was playing through out the book. The movie link was a best example to explain how a police or detectives work out each and every moment of their life to solve a case.

The bond which Saralkar and Motkar shared was extraordinary. Saralkar’s sarcasm and Motkar’s dutiful work inspite of his drama rehearsal were all a favourable factors to this novel.

The story grips us hard from the start itself. I loved the pattern of the twist and turns. It didn’t jump from one extreme to other extreme but as a “connect the dot” to frame the picture of the culprit. Even we could sense that every suspect was a bridge and there is a bigger bombshell for us to have in the end.

I was able to guess the murderer, but the reasons behind it was mind blowing. Unexpected execution of the mystery play. It’s a crime mystery so I will never voice out even a brick of the story line.

Overall If you want to read a clear and pure murder mystery with an exceptionally intellect criminal on the background ,then this book is for you. A must recommendation to the murder and crime lovers.



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About The Author

Salil Desai is an author, columnist and film-maker. 3 and a Half Murders is his fifth book and the third one in the Inspector Saralkar Mystery Series. He has written three more crime novels—Killing Ashish Karve (2014), The Murder of Sonia Raikkonen (2015) and Murder on a Side Street (2011) as well as a collection of short stories, Lost Libido and Other Gulp Fiction (2012).

His books have received good reviews in The Hindu, The Pioneer, DNA, First City, The Tribune, Afternoon Despatch & Courier etc. 

An alumnus of Film & Television Institute of India (FTII), his dramatized training videos ( are much appreciated in the corporate world, while his short films ‘Making Amends’ and ‘…To Khayega Kya’ have been screened at various film festivals.

Salil also conducts workshops in creative writing and film making for aspiring authors at British Library and leading educational institutions. Over 400 articles written by him have appeared in The Times of India, Indian Express, DNA, The Tribune, Deccan Herald, Reader’s Digest etc. 

He was one of the 4 international authors worldwide selected for the prestigious Hald International Writer’s Residency in Denmark, hosted by the Danish Centre for Writers & Translators in June 2016. 



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