Book Review- Then The Door Bell Rang

Author: Capri Jalota
Publishers: Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
No Of Pages: 395
Genre: Romance

One fine morning, Jane wakes up and stands upon the ledge of her 18th floor flat in Dubai Marina. Till a few years back, she was everything that would make anyone jealous – beautiful, rich and successful. But then the wheels of time turned. Today, she is miserable and lonely. Would she get over a deception? Can she forgive herself for deserting a friend? Would she ever find true love? Will karma get the better of her or will life give her another chance to correct the wrongs?

Then the Doorbell Rang is about Jane’s roller-coaster journey as she explores the mystical phenomenon called Life.

Book Review

I would like to thank Author’s Channel for the review copy. My review here is totally honest and unbiased.

Honestly I had mixed feelings when I finished the book. But definitely I enjoyed the read. The story totally revolves around different kind of relationship with different people. When I saw the title and cover of the book I felt that it’s going to be a suspense thriller. But it turned out be with the flavor of romance with little thriller.

Jane was completely shattered when she loses important persons from her life one after the other. And she comes to know that those people had one face in front of her and an another face right behind her. That two faced people story gave me all interest to read the story furthermore without any second thought.

Jane decides to explore her past life by travelling to India. I was completely hooked up with the story till like 150 pages but after that the story was kind of repetitive. Jane travel exposure was happening almost with every person whoever she meets. 

The language was simple and elegant. This book obviously touches the deep root of the love and pain behind it.  Jane character was so good that she remained me of every girl who belongs to strong heart category. At times we tend to know who we are only at the right moment. Jane belongs to that side of person. There were very small characters in the story which stands out uniquely with the author portrayal of them.

Overall “Then The Door Bell Rang” handles the contrast relationships in an exquisite way and seized my moment at many places very beautifully.

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About The Author

In July 2016, when Capri’s career was at an all-time high, he quit his job and decided to pursue one of his under-40 goals and that was to pen a novel. His first novel – “Then the doorbell rang”, which is in fiction genre, has been published by Leadstart Publishing. His book has been released on Amazon and has received great responses.

Capri’s philosophy in life is simple – Plan your life rather than follow a plan. Whilst this might sound contradictory, if you re-read the statement you would be able to understand the subtle difference. Planning is a continuous process whilst a plan is a static one. At different points in one’s life, one must be able to revisit his life and re-sync it with life’s changed priorities and circumstances.

And to be successful, it is very important to be passionate about what you do. “Passion is elixir for the soul” is something he truly believes in. This coupled with the right mentoring leads to an assured success.

Capri is keen to share his perspectives with the world through his writings and talks.

GoodReads-Author’s Page || Amazon-Author’s Page





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