Book Review: The Killings in November

Author: Rajesh Talwar
No Of Pages: 136
Genre: Play, Murder mystery

A killer is on the loose in New Delhi. He is no ordinary killer, and for the past few years, for some unaccountable reason, goes on a relentless killing spree, with murders mounting each day, particularly in the month of November. Always elegantly dressed in a grey suit and a red tie, he is a stylish, soft-spoken man, who appears to be fond of Western music. He carries a guitar with him and performs to an often unwilling audience. On occasions he has been spotted by witnesses inside a steel grey Mercedes near the site of a killing. The killer is merciless. No one is spared it seems, be it a pregnant mother, a young boy, an elderly man or even a baby.
The Delhi Police are at their wits end and seek outside help. India’s leading detective, Col Ranjeet teams up with the famous Herlock Holms to try and crack this case. It is the biggest case that has come to either the Colonel or Holms in each detective’s illustrious career. Will they catch this elusive killer, or will he catch them? This is a heart-rending tale of life – and death – as it exists in one of Asia’s most important capital cities.
No spoilers here, the story will keep readers guessing till much the play is over, when slowly all is revealed. The play ends with a shattering climax.

Book Review

I would like to thank Author’s Assistant Team for the review copy. My review here is totally unbiased and honest.

This short novel is actually a play.So I am writing a short review on it as I couldn’t get away from reviewing this on my blog because of the plot and the cause behind it.

It is a different play where the plot and mystery was totally obscure. It really surprised me at many places. You will absolutely love the killer even though he is a criminal. Because it is you who created the killer. Well you have to read the play to know who it is. While reading I was dubious to guess the killer as the play pointed at many directions. But at the end I completely understood why it was knitted so. Never skip even a single page in this play ,only then you will be able to understand the end part. Only thing is that I expected a little more explanation for certain scenes.

Overall “The Killings In The November” will definitely prick your conscience with the right sharp object(play) to make you aware who the killer is. 

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About The Author

(Coutesy: Rajesh Talwar Website )

Rajesh Talwar studied Negotiation at Harvard, Human Rights Law at Nottingham and Law and Economics at Delhi University. He has worked for the United Nations on legal and justice-related issues in Somalia, Liberia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Timor-Leste. 

Prior to working for the UN, he practised law and taught law at Delhi University and Jamia Milia Islamia. He is the author of more than a dozen books, many of which are available and listed at Amazon.




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