Book Review- A Time To Burnish


Author: Radhika Nathan
Publishers: Kiwi Books
No Of Pages: 282
Genres: Historical Fiction

“Not too long before we can get as many of them 3-D printed.”

That pretty much sums up Josh Winslow’s feelings about classic artifacts. As a man of science and technology, he couldn’t care less about old bronze idols. Unfortunately, his brother Tom has just made one such idol his problem.

Vidya Thyagarajan, a young banker from Chennai, didn’t expect to chase the origins of old idols either. But her friend Tom has just entangled her in one such chase.

Along with Vidya, Josh reluctantly embarks on a journey to India to track the origins of a Chola bronze idol. Through the urban maze of Chennai, dusty roads of small towns in deep Chola territory, they discover clues that confounds them every step of the way.

During a short span of a week, the quest quickly becomes personal as the shadow of the past challenges their outlook toward life and love.

Book Review

I would like to thank Author’s Channel for the review copy. My review here is totally unbiased and honest.

Quiet a different feeling I had while reading this book. To be honest I don’t know many invasion on Tamil grounds and being a Tamilian I regret that of not showing interest on reading the history about it.This book gave me outlook of it and I am set to explore the Tamil history on this,may be fiction sorts.

Author really didn’t get into the details of invasion or the Chola history. And I believe She tried to kick off the reader’s curiosity to know further more. That’s what happened to me.

Did the thrill and the enthusiasm was held throughout the book? Well it went off the hook at many places with sudden romantic portions of Vidya and Josh. This book is not a complete thriller adventure. It just travels as Ïs It or Is It not” bumper ride throughout the lane. But the end really surprised me because I didn’t expect that kind. 

The characters were beautifully formulated. Two culturally different people meets but still the story proclaimed the respect for each other. The relationship between every character in this book is noteworthy.

The narration could have been set fast to keep up the adventure. It lacked the rhythm . It didn’t give me an Adrenalin rush even at the important places.The narration of past events in between the story was well and good which will make sense at the end.

Overall “Time To Burnish” is a decent thriller set on the Chola dynasty which accounts the facts about antique thefts with an easy going and simple narration all together.

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About The Author


Radhika Nathan is a juggler, a meanderer and a rolling stone. She believes in the miracle of words and the rain. Her favourite pastimes include reading, listening to podcasts and gazing at monsoon clouds. Her taste in books is eclectic ranging from anthropology to old fashioned murder mysteries, and if pushed she would name Jane Austen as her favourite author for her believable, eternal characters. Travel is something she enjoys and has been to more than a dozen countries- for the love of meeting new people and discovering new cultures.

Radhika writes for her fascination of human beings, intrigued by their archetypal & atypical behaviour and the differences & similarities in all of us. Writing is a means that forces her to think and re-examine a point of view or a preconceived notion. ‘I grow as a person as I write’, she says and quotes ‘A well written sentence [a rare occurrence] is like soul chocolate.’

Radhika, believes in a spiritual approach to life that welcomes science. She believes in liberty, equality, personal responsibility and fair play.

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