Book Review-Table For One

Author: Neha Bindal
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
No Of Pages: 175
Genre: Romance,Travel Diary 

Taara Maheshwari, a single woman in her thirties and a successful lawyer, is tough from outside but a die heart fan of romantic movies from inside. 

She grew up seeking her “happily ever after’ but amid various heartbreaks and culture of modern age short term relationships, her believe in “true connections” got replaced by the comfort of being “emotionally disconnected.” 
After she turned 31, her parents persuaded her into meeting a guy for marriage who sounded just perfect for her. Acting on impulse, she told her parents that she would meet him only if they let her go on a trip to Europe. 

As Taara went on to explore the world, she experienced what actually happens when a single Indian girl travels to Europe all by herself. Is it only about dancing, singing or falling in love? What happens after you fall in love? Does love conquer all? 

Only her story would tell.

Book Review

I would like to thank Half Baked Beans for the review copy. My review here is totally honest and unbiased.

Taara character is all you and me. Modern and independent but caged deep inside by the heart. Taara is all confused and she doesn’t know what she wants and what she is for. One day life throws her an opportunity. She grabs that opportunity by putting her marriage as stake. Will she clear her mind and heart with the lonely trip?

Taara starts her journey to explore Europe but she ends the trip by acquiring and conquering herself. She is not alone anymore. This book is not about the places she visits but the people she come across. Love is not definite thing, Love is what you see and feel. Love could be felt with memories too. Author justified the feel amazingly at the end.

Taara had two breakups but still she fell for someone so easily on her trip, that too someone who is totally a stranger. She didn’t have a hesitation to say no. The plot “Let Go” could have been said more strongly towards the end. I would have felt convincing if there had been a chapter with her father after her trip. I would have felt happy to read(through author’s words) a chapter of the evolved,a strong minded Taara.  That was only thing that was missing out in the book.

Obviously this novel would light up your mood. A travel buddy for your travel time. 

Overall “Table For One” is a very short trip to explore the real you. The author didn’t deal with deep emotions but delivered that in a gentle way.  For a debut attempt, this book is fantastic with language and execution. 


Book Links

Amazon India || GoodReads

About The Author

Neha Bindal is a chartered accountant and PGDBA and has changed four companies in her six years of corporate career.She takes life with a pinch of salt and a pitcher of margarita.She is an impulsive traveler,avid reader,part time writer and a full time dreamer.

She is also the first women from Laxmi nagar to fly solo across khardunga La pass(Leh) without oxygen. She has decided to open a cafe there and inspire people to “Netflix znd chill” when there is no oxygen by sipping freshly brewed half baked coffee.

Her philosophy of life is simiilar to Paul Walker.If you can’t have fun,there is no point doing it.









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