Book Review-The Story Of A Long-Distance Marriage

Author: Siddhesh Inamdar
Publisher: Harper Collins India
No Of Pages: 176
Genre: Romance

Rohan and Ira’s life takes an unexpected turn when Ira decides to leave for New York to study. They’ve been married for only fifteen months, but this is the opportunity of a lifetime, and Rohan is not going to come between his wife and her dream. So, sad but supportive, he stays back in Delhi, where he is on the brink of a promotion at a national daily. After all, his relationship with Ira is strong enough to survive the distance.

Rohan prepares for a year without Ira, getting by with a little help from his friends: Yusuf, his on-call confidant who lives in Bangalore; Alisha, a colleague he likes catching up with over tea; and Tanuj, his new role model at work. Life without Ira is going surprisingly well. Until the day, that is, she reveals the real reason she left.

Book Review

This story is about the complications of having a long distance relationship. When I read the title I thought that it is a story of two lovers who is having a separation because of distance and fear of getting married but it turned out to be an after marriage life separation. That one story line did surprise me a lot and got my attention.

This story has many confident content for today’s generation marriage life which they need to work out for a better relationship. Rohan fulfills all his responsibilities as an husband but still Ira is upset with him. I liked the love part from Ira point of view. Everyone has a way to show their love. The way of showering Love for person is not a constant thing,it differs from person to person still whatever may be ,Love is the only thing which holds the relationship.

Author narration was beautiful ,real and sensible. The anger,the love,the disappointment ,every emotion was flawlessly put out. The narration was consistent throughout the story. Other characters were equally good.I really liked the trip to Sikkim,it was realistic , I mean it didn’t end up like an usual “way too” romantic trip to end the story once for all. No unnecessary drama was cooked up to increase the length of the story, that made the story interesting to finish up in one go.

Overall “The Story Of A Long Distance Marriage ” is an one stop (understanding each other) journey to fix things up so as to enjoy the destination (Love).

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About The Author
Siddhesh Inamdar is a writer and editor. He studied English Literature at St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, and Delhi University, and journalism at the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. He worked with The Hindu, DNA and Hindustan Times and is now in publishing. He lives in Delhi with his wife, daughter and cats.


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