Book Review- I Shall Always Love You

Author: Shilpa Jain

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

No Of Pages:226

Genre: Romantic Thriller


Shiv Sanyal is a celebrated artist. When he meets an enigmatic woman, he creates a sculpture of her, his masterpiece. He is shocked when he is publicly humiliated for copying a Khajuraho figurine that looks just like this mysterious woman. He decides to visit Khajuraho to unveil the truth.Stumbling upon revelations and facts long hidden, he discovers his connection to the glorious past of Khajuraho.

Unexpected events in Khajuraho and Mumbai force him and his friends to go on a quest to find a hidden treasure with clues in a missing Khajuraho sculpture. They travel across India and visit various ancient temples to find clues leading to the treasure.What is this treasure? Who is compelling them to seek it? Who is Shiv’s friend and who is his enemy? How has the universe woven the lives of his friends into his life?

Book Review

I would like to thank Richa and Srishti Publishers and Distributors for the review copy. My review here is totally unbiased and honest.

A story which runs around past life and present life, a reincarnation life. A half way dropped out past life souls finds its place in this present life. Will they come to know their past life miseries and love? will they redeem their past in their present life?

An easy and engrossing read where you are just hooked up with the story and its development.

we sometimes read a book where we are sure about the story and how the story would travel but we still continue to read, this book is one such novel. But author unexpectedly planned the twists and turns at the end to surprise us.

Author’s choice of characters traits,be it Shiv, Arjun, Tony and especially Saloni everyone looked unique and different. I loved Saloni character very much. She was way more matured and lovely girl. The witty and humor tags in the middle was refreshing and pushes us to go on with the story without any hesitation.

The story didn’t travel only with Shiv life. Author elaborated each and every characters story whenever and wherever she had the chance. I was aware of everyone story(past life and present life) at the end of the novel. I personally like that touch to know all. Apart from Shiv none were able to recall their past life. May be Shiv is the destined one to remember all. Only that was missing out in the novel. A romantic love story with erotic touch.

Overall “I Shall Always Love You” is a quick read and author ingeniously traps you in this reincarnation plot even though you doubt to believe it. A simple narration with interesting back and forth twists to keep you on the track all the time.


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About The Author

Shilpa Jain is a doctor with over twenty years of experience in medical practice. She also has wide experience in medical writing and editing. She has worked as a corporate medical officer and counsellor.
Over the period of last three years, she developed a keen interest in creative writing and began writing her novels.



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