Book Review-Life Is The Flower, Love Is The Honey

Author: Surabhi Sharma

Publisher: Self (Amazon Kindle)

No Of Pages:133

Genre: Romance, Inspirational fiction


Shubh is a dreamer. He wishes to become a nature photographer but submits to his parents’ wishes who want a secure future for him. He fears he will disappoint his parents and gives up on his dreams.

Monica is a dreamer. She is a painter who paints the canvas with the inspirational colors of life. She let go of her fears and inhibitions one day when someone helped give her paintings a purpose.

What happens when fate brings these two dreamers together?

A unique tale of love and life in the form of tiny tales about the dreams and challenges we face.

Book Review

I would like to thank the author for the review copy. My review here is honest and unbiased.

This book is totally an inspirational journey. I would have got really confused whether I am reading a fictional novel or self help book if the other characters were not introduced. A way too inspirational ingredients and philosophical thoughts. I thought that this is not my cup of tea until I reached the character Monica, Aman and Zuni. After that the story got into the pace and had a good finish too.

I felt the occurrence of characters past story was repetitive which was not needed at times. As the chapter are just one or two page long author could have made it interesting in some other way.

The characters were simple and they are the people who we meet in day today life. It was nice thought to allowing our partner to seek their dreams in their own way. Monica was ready to do that for Shubh but she was whining when Aman decided to go chase his dreams. That was contrary of who Monica is.

The best part about this story is the showcase of two extreme existence of parenting. Shubh’s parents who is against his dreams and Monica’s parents who walks with her along with her dreams. The inspiring chapters in between was really awesome.We could easily relate the philosophical thoughts to our life and author has put that with perfect writing.

Overall ” Life is the Flower, Love is the Honey” is a quick read and author delivered lots of motivational thoughts through her writing which was missing when delivered with the character involvement.


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