Book Review-VaseegaraNaadu(வசீகரநாடு)

Author: Samura
Publisher: Notion Press
No Of Pages: 416
Genre: Fantasy, Thriller
What The Book Holds

Two kingdoms “Kora Naadu” and “Vaseegara Naadu” the rivals fight each other to win the war. Vadumaaran ,King of Kora Naadu marchs to Vaseegara Naadu to win the kingdom as none has won over any battle against Vaseegara Nadu. It is said that Vaseegara Naadu has harnessed themselves with a special power. Soon Kora naadu acquires one such power and declares war against Vaseegara Naadu.  What makes Vaseegara Naadu special? How did Kora Naadu get the special power? Will Kora Naadu win? 

Book Review

I would like to thank the author for the ARC and my review here is totally unbiased and honest.

I could say that this is my first fantasy novel in Tamil. A fantasy which has complex narration which will kindle your deep rooted imagination to new level. The concept will surprise you at many place.

The title of the story, that is Vassegara Naadu will be introduced only after one third of the story. Author chose the contents of his first few chapters brilliantly. Yes, you will read about Vadumaaran and Kora Naadu at the start. Know the enemy first to see how powerful they are and how powerful they have become to challenge Vaseegara Naadu.

Characters were the best thing in this novel. Each person was different from one another. Each were brave on their own conditions and times.  The most inspiring character would be Porimudi and his brain. Mastermind of Kora Naadu. The friendship between Vadumaaran and Porimudi was real strong. 

The narration was unusual. The description will confuse at times as the author had taken interconnected war sequences and the tactics used in the battle. It’s a treat for your imagination. There are few illustrations between the pages for you to get a clear picture of what author describes. The twists may be few in the story but those are the noteworthy turns to keep you not distracted. 

Many things needs to be said but that would become a spoiler which in turn will spoil your surprise while you read the book.

Only the length of the book was frightening and the first half had so much information and it was little hard to grasp all  at once as the story proceeded without any light moments.

Overall “VaseegaraNaadu” is an amazing fantasy novel with stunning back to back battle progression happening on a mind blowing fantasy world.


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About The Author

SAMURA, an avid follower of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalaam, has released his first book SILICONPURAM, an anthology of short stories in 2016. It was very well received among the readers and BOFTA film institute students expressed interest to take few of them as short films. 
SAMURA, released his debut novel SEMMAARI which is based on Aadu Puli aattam and in Fictional genre. It is being very well received. 
Samura is from an engineering background and hails from Chennai.


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