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Two years after the events of ‘When Our Worlds Collide’, Zayn and Akritiare now leading extremely different lives. Akriti has come back from her stint at the business school and running her mother’s café. Zayn has run into trouble in his PhD program and has come home for a break. While he thinks that things are just as he’d left them two years ago, that is far from the truth. In a last ditch attempt to make Akriti remember the connection they had once shared, Zayn tries to recreate all their memories. But things are never the same when collided worlds meet again. 

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Akriti was sitting at the cashcounter of her mother’s little café going over the expenses for the day. Herheadphones were plugged into her ears as she listened to songs on her phone.Her laptop was propelled open in front of her as she made notes on what else neededto be done the next day.

In the two years that she hadbeen gone, the café had not changed at all. Her mother had kept all therenovations that Akriti and her colleagues had done two years ago. The onlydifference was that now there was a bulletin board next to the chalkboard menuthat had been installed just a few weeks ago. On the bulletin board hung aposter that announced that next week’s Poetry Slam would start at 6PM sharp,and Suzanna needed to be contacted for early registration.

Akriti finished her work andshut down her laptop. She looked around the café in grim satisfaction and letout a happy little sigh. The music from her phone suddenly stopped playing.Glancing down she saw that her phone had started buzzing, flashing a number shehad not seen on her phone in quite a while.

Debating for a minute, shereceived the call.

“Hi, Zayn.”

Airports have seen more sincerekisses than weddings it is said. As Zayn Banerjee waited to catch his flightback home, he witnessed one too many couples bidding each other teary eyedgoodbyes. It was watching these strangers that he remembered how it had felttwo years ago when he had left his home behind in pursuit of higher studies.How he had come to this alien land which had eventually led him to a lot of heartacheand misery!

But there had been somethinggood about those two years. There had been someone who had seen past all hisimperfections and focused only on the good that was in him. Who had been hisfriend against all odds and yet, they had fallen out of touch with each otherover the course of two years. He wondered if she was still using the samenumber. He wondered if she still had his number saved.

On an impulse, he pulled outhis phone and dialed her number. She answered it on the third ring.

“Hi, Zayn.”


He was pleased as punch thatshe remembered him.

“Did you want something?”

“I am just calling to let youknow that I’d be home soon.”


“Oh? Honestly, I was hoping fora reaction better than oh.”

“Zayn, it’s really late here.Let’s talk when you’re in town?”

“I’ll do you one better. I’llcome see you.”

“Great. Safe flight.”

Then the line went dead. Zaynstared at the phone, wondering if their friendship was lost over the course oftime. This wasn’t like the Akriti he remembered.

This wasn’t his Akritiat all.

Akriti hung up the phonefeeling utterly drained. Once upon a time this was a source of her happinessbut tonight he was a cause of her stress. The last thing she needed was forZayn to come barging into her life once more.

She remembered all the memoriesthat they had made together two years ago. The time when she’d finally feltokay to let her guard down and just be herself. It seemed to her like it was alifetime ago. But he’d left. Like everyone else in her life and she had foundherself consumed by her loneliness. Going off to business school had only madeAkriti revert back to her old self.

That’s a lie they tellyou, Akritithought bitterly to herself, as she put her headphones back on and startedlistening to music again, time doesn’t heal a damn thing. It just burnsthe memories into your mind.

About The Author

Aniesha Brahma

Aniesha Brahma knew she wanted to be a writer since she was sixyears old. She was schooled in Dolna Day School and went on to pursue B.A.,M.A., and M.Phil in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur Univeristy. Shecurrently lives in Kolkata, with her family and five pet cats. She is theauthor of All Signs Lead Back to You, When Our Worlds Collide, The Guitar Girland The Secret Proposal. She compiled and edited the 10 volumes series,’Children’s Classic Stories’ with love and great efforts.

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