Book Review- The Code Of Manavas

Author: Arpit Bakshi Publisher: Rupa Publications No Of Pages: 280 Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure Blurb Book one of the Maha Vishnu Trilogy The Code of Manavas, is set some two million years past ad 2050, when earth as we know it ceased to exist and so did mankind. A new race, the Manavas, now exists on … Continue reading Book Review- The Code Of Manavas

SpotLight-Guardian Angel by Ruchi Singh

About The Book The Man Security expert Nikhil Mahajan is in mortal danger. Gravely injured and unable to see, he is in the midst of hostile strangers in an unknown place. Any hope of survival is fast fading away.  The Angel Should an innocent man be left to die just because he had been in … Continue reading SpotLight-Guardian Angel by Ruchi Singh

Book Review- The Silent Witness

Author: Anuradha Publisher: Jaico Publishing House No Of Pages: 238 Genre: Historical fiction Blurb A thrilling saga of loyalty, deceit, love and war. Seventeenth century Malabar. Law and order lay in shambles as the Portuguese terrorize the locals. Native kings troop in separate camps for and against the foreign invaders. The rift is so deep … Continue reading Book Review- The Silent Witness