Book Review- The Alpha Yeti

Author: Sum

Publisher: Authorhouse UK

No Of Pages: 215

Genre: Thriller,Adventure


Every tribal land has its own tribulations and the Kasis were way beyond any hope or help, for what they were undergoing was terrifyingly unspeakable. It wasn’t any myth or taboo. This one was true. The One God was as real as the White Giants. But, all the suffering and trepidation came from the impossibly aggressive Grey Giants. They were a deformity: a fallen imprecation on the Kasis. Somehow, a sensible Bhirendi, the elderly last of the Kasis, addresses the tragedy and rushes his people into the underground chambers of Ravaial before they are forced to face the wrath of the monstrosities that lately have begun to roll down from the White Mountain.

With the situation only getting worse by the moment, the tribes hire a pack of ace hunters from the West. But, one of them freaks out and abducts the daughter of an estranged but once-upon-a-time famous hunter to only earn his ire. The hunters are drawn together into a strangely unwelcome land of doom with their fates sealed under the White Mountain. They soon realise that time is all they have left in the entire world when the Grey Giants begin their vicious play.

SUM brings to you, The Alpha Yeti!

Book Review

I would like to thank Writersmelon for the review copy. My review here is totally honest and unbiased.

Alpha Yeti surprises you at many places and even scares you. My year started with reading this as the first book and I would say I had a disparate thriller experience.

The terrain , the characters, the backdrop settings were unusual for a reader which made the story quiet intriguing.

The white yetis lives happily at the top of Nirmalaya. The tribals who have their homes at the bottom of the mountain spend their times with the nature and peace. Tribals and white yetis have a mutual understanding by heart of not crossing each other regions.Challenged by a grey yeti who doesn’t like both tribals as well as white yeti.The tribals are pushed to a situation to seek help from outsiders,the hunters from west. Who is this grey yeti? will the hunters be able to bring down the grey one?

The three parallel peoples(stories) were perfectly linked to one another which turned out to be the best as one at the end.But to be honest the first few chapters didn’t indulge me and it turned out be boring. When I was about to give up , the best twist happened and from that the story picked up its pace.

The techniques followed by the hunters was enthralling and thrilling. Sometimes we need to understand and reason behind few folk tales. They always have a hidden message for the future generations. Author brilliantly sustained adventure and suspense in the second half that I finished it in one go. That part narration was captivating .

Overall ” The Alpha Yeti” is an unanimous adventure taken by the skilled hunters to bring down the mighty yeti where the readers are compelled to travel along by throwing unexpected twists and surprises on the way. 

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