Book Review- The Silent Witness

Author: Anuradha

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

No Of Pages: 238

Genre: Historical fiction


A thrilling saga of loyalty, deceit, love and war.

Seventeenth century Malabar. Law and order lay in shambles as the Portuguese terrorize the locals. Native kings troop in separate camps for and against the foreign invaders. The rift is so deep that Samoothiri of Calicut, the sworn enemy of the Kochi kingdom, has finally decided to join forces with Kochi to fight the outsiders.

In a dramatic turn of events, the heir to the Kochi throne, Kerala Varma and his brother, Veera Kerala Varma, go into exile in guise of sanyasis to escape the Portuguese. During their journey, Veera Kerala Verma falls in love with Unnimaya, the gorgeous niece of the army chief of Chempakassery Raja, a major Portuguese ally.

Another storm is brewing in the horizon. The Dutch, seizing the opportunity to topple the Portuguese rule, plan to partner with Kerala Varma and Samoothiri. Will they succeed. Who will rule Kochi next. Will Veera Kerala Varma’s and Unnimaya’s love triumph above duty?

Book Review

The Silent witness is an unique book which balance history and romance on an equal proportion. I really enjoyed reading this novel.It’s neither over exaggerated nor underplayed.

The illustrations were so beautiful and gave the realistic native feel of Kerala while going through the story pages.

The story is closely knitted with readers mind that I am confused whether should I give the credit to the author or the translator.
Yes, the book has been translated from Malayalam.

I loved the alias names of the kings and people of Kerala. I felt the connect with the characters while reading with their alias names. The native touch at each and every sequence of the novel.

Kerala Varma, the crown prince and his brother get caught between the kingdom politics and Portuguese affairs. They had to take a disguise in order to escape from treason and execution. Kerala Varma had to join hands with Dutch to end the ruthless Portuguese rule. Will they win this battle?

I couldn’t put the book down as the narration was crystal clear and pleasant through out the novel. The supporting character’s stories were also equally good and boosted the main line of story to be engrossing.

The cover of the book is so authentic. The story is not entirely about the actual history but with the mixture of romance and hatred which happened among the history. The author kept the story intact with minimal romance,affection,love, greed, conspiracy, war,battle and peace. A precise narration throughout.

Overall ” The Silent Witness” takes us to a journey to the near history of Portuguese rule on Kerala which showcase the two sides of loyalty and bravery.

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About The Author

Anuradha is the pen name of Radha Narayana Menon, an eminent writer from Kochi, Kerala. She has published two short story collections and ten novels in Malayalam. The Saga of Black Gold is Anuradha’s first novel in English.

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