Book Review: To Naddiyaa

Author: Kavya Sharma
Publisher: StoryMirror
No Of Pages: 186
Genre: Drama, Romance


It isn’t very hard to fall madly in love with your own wife and even though Durjoy was deeply embedded to this reality and the one his father imposed on him since his childhood, Nadia was already a part of another one. While Durjoy grew as the mad child of the misty hills, close to poetry and his mother, Nadia was the traditional, internally strong-headed woman of a motherless home. None of them revolted each other’s love and yet they ended up crossing each other at a threshold there was no coming back from. The story captures an endless wait on a mad lover’s part and his wife’s failed realization of the same. A series of attempts, hidden letters, awkward emotions and grave family secrets end into a loveless insanity behind the bars of a mental asylum Nadia and Durjoy share their fate in. What follows is a flashback they wish they could go back to, what’s left, is a longing and a life, without each other.

Book Review

I would like to thank the publisher for the review copy. My review here is honest and totally unbiased.

This book explores the area of emotions through the medium of hand written letters. Precisely , a perfect way to recite a story without the image of actual happened incident. This book travels through the memory lane of Durjoy letters and Naddiyaa’s past.

I would say “Pain” is the main protagonist of this tale. I was able to hold a smile despite of the pain , that is because of the unconditional love of Durjoy towards Naddiyaa.

->Narration was quiet different . The letter portrayal didn’t dilute the essence of the narration.

-> Simple language, even the grey area didn’t seem to make impact on me. I mean I could feel the pain but it didn’t leave me with heavy heart.

-> Detailing,There could have been little detailing of the situations,places and whereabouts . The entire story comprised only with the letters which didnt allow me to go beyond Durjoy.

-> Characters. Author chose characters in such a way that as a reader I couldn’t blame anyone at the end of the story for their situation. Everyone is enemy to oneself.

Overall “To Naddiyaa” is the collection of letters from durjoy to Naddiyaa. A madman’s voice which failed to communicate in the past has been rendered at the present through his written words. A soulful proposal which reached late in the hands of Naddiyaa.



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