Tips And Tricks To Increase Reading In Kids #TheBookBlogTrain

Hello Readers,

I really admire you. All of you are managing your time for your book. I am quiet jealous of you. Because my daughter snatches most of my time for her. I always wondered when she would start reading. 

I started to collect book from her 1st birthday hoping that she would have her reading habit all by herself. As for as I remember none introduced me to reading habit or I thought so.

Believe me I read but it’s hard to make my daughter to read. It doesn’t mean she is not interested in reading. She is damn interested but nowadays the kids needs adventure , they need varieties. 

So here I am with few tips and tricks which actually worked out well with my kid

kid reading 1

Native language or Mother Tongue


I think we should start the book reading habit for kids with our own language. Well its for the obvious reason. Kids will know the meaning of the words while they read which makes them get involved with the book. Constant distraction of not knowing the meaning would lead to disinterest to continue further. 

I strongly believe that getting them involved and invoking the interest should be the first most task.

Bilingual Stories and Books


At the start of our reading days we actually concentrate on learning the language. We know the significance of knowing a different language. I have seen books or stories having bilingual text( Mother tongue, English) which is actually a great idea. 

Kids could actually learn the words and language all by themselves with this bilingual text. I wish that more publishers should implement this idea for their early reader books.  

Read Along At Kid’s Time 


Don’t pester the kids to read along in your free time. Rather than that offer a read along while they are reading. Never pressure the kids. Ask them if they have the read mood. 

It is not necessary that you should read out the book for them. You could read your book along with them. At a time gap, have a small discussion with your kid about the story you are reading and how the characters are. Ask the kids to do same with you. This will enable the story telling habit of your kid with their own words and imagination.

Now when you are reading the book for your kid, have a practice of involving questionnaire section in between to make the reading session enjoyable.

A Visit To The Library

kid giphy

Once or a while take your kids to your library and book fair. Let your kids explore the kids section all by themselves. Restrain yourselves from giving any suggestion to them. We will constrain them into a box if we are backing them with our choices.Even if they are looking just the book cover is also perfectly fine. 

Allow them to choose. sometimes a library would introduce them a human companion too.


Monthly Magazines


Monthly kids magazines have varieties like comics, short story,moral story and knowledge oriented activities. This will kindle the reading as well as solving habit.Subscribe a magazine and gift it to your children. They need one.



Hope this article helps you. Try it and let me know if it worked.

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47 thoughts on “Tips And Tricks To Increase Reading In Kids #TheBookBlogTrain

  1. Really enjoyed the blog! And great tips to be followed by every new parents who want to develop the habit of reading in their kids! 🙂

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  2. Most children do not like going to sleep immediately after bedtime is announced, but you can use this to your advantage. Lie down with them and allow your child to choose a short story of their choice. If they choose a long one, that will be even better! You will be able to read the story in parts on different nights, creating the suspense of wanting to find out what’s next in the story. The telling of bedtime stories can be a magical time for your kids. Not only can you bond with your child, you will also be able to heighten your child’s interest in storybooks and their many tales.

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    1. Yes Roma I know I know. My 6 yr daughter is a early sleeper. Usually she hears random stories from her grandmother . but I like your idea of reading in parts and suspense tip. I will try it out for her.

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  3. In our multilingual home, we read books in 3 languages. Sadly, I don’t find enough picture books in our mother tongue. Good points shared Devika.
    As my toddler is under 3, we read together and he just started reading interactive books alone.

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  4. These tips are amazing. I do read stories to my niece and tell her the meaning in hindi coz I currently don’t have books in hindi.. i’ll definitely try these tips.. 🙂 🙂


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