An Interview With Paromita Goswami (TheBookClub Blog Tour)

    1.     How did you get the idea of writing this Paranormal The Clockmaker? It was Diwali and I visited a saree store to make a purchase. Just opposite the shop was a clock repair shop, small and dingy. It was a stark contrast to the shop where we were sitting.  After my … Continue reading An Interview With Paromita Goswami (TheBookClub Blog Tour)

Book Review- Narasimha

Author: Kevin Missal Publisher: HaperCollins India No Of Pages: 350 Genre: Mythology Fiction Blurb Narasimha, once a brave soldier, has left the war and lies low as a physician in a village. But a familiar face from his past seeks his help to stop the tyranny of the blind usurper Andhaka. If Narasimha refuses, the … Continue reading Book Review- Narasimha

Book Review- The Clock Maker

Author: Paromita Goswami No Of Pages:1232 ( Kindle Version) Genre: Paranormal, Thriller Blurb Ashish, a passionate clockmaker is frustrated with his life - financial insecurity, his ongoing nightmares and his family, wife Lata and son Vicky, are driving him crazy. Lata is having a tough time in life with her arch-rival, Rashmi. Vicky wants to … Continue reading Book Review- The Clock Maker

Book Review- The Demon’s Crystal

Author: Lenard Hale No Of Pages: 297 Genre: Sci-Fic Thriller Blurb For Eric Frost, Madagascar is a place of beauty and learning. A researcher in bio-robotics, Eric finds the sheer variety of flora and fauna fascinating – but when he finds Unseen Madagascar, an unassuming book by a missing British author named Richard Walters, Eric … Continue reading Book Review- The Demon’s Crystal

I Begin Where It Ends #TheBookBlogTrain

My TheBookBlogTrain Journey My blogging was travelling on my usual tracks, Book Reviews and Spotlights. I didn't flinch at any cost. The constant fear of failing or lack of trust in writing new content stopped me to go beyond. I was stagnant. I was waiting for someone to throw a stone in this stagnant water. … Continue reading I Begin Where It Ends #TheBookBlogTrain