I Begin Where It Ends #TheBookBlogTrain

My TheBookBlogTrain Journey

My blogging was travelling on my usual tracks, Book Reviews and Spotlights. I didn’t flinch at any cost. The constant fear of failing or lack of trust in writing new content stopped me to go beyond. I was stagnant. I was waiting for someone to throw a stone in this stagnant water.

And then #TheBookblogtrain happened. Vidhya and Siddhi threw that stone and caused the perfect turbulence. Now here I am, amazingly clear to write up my journey experience with “two baby step posts”

Tips And Tricks To Increase Reading In Kids #TheBookBlogTrain

5 Things To Keep In Mind When You Unhaul Book #TheBookBlogTrain

When the season 1 was announced I didn’t participate thinking that it would be really tough task and I cannot spend my time entirely on that. But when the fellow bookstagrammers posted their stats , I was impressed which pushed me to take the risk in being part of season 2.

All they asked me is to choose and write based on book related topics ( the links mentioned above). I couldn’t stop my smile after publishing my first article. The joy of achieving something when you thought it could never happen was priceless.

To be honest,I joined this event to increase my blog stats but at the end the stats didn’t matter me at all. Because the fellow participants started to give me feedback. I was so happy to see many comments and likes flowing for my blog post. Reading my fellow participants posts gave me an immense perceptions and view points. It was my pleasure knowing them all virtually through their blogs. Friendship can happen at any time at any place.

To all the participants who took time to read my content and patiently gave their views, I take this opportunity to thank you because you all filled my void. It means a lot to me.

Last but not the least, TheBookBlogtrain was initiated to help each other to reach a place. So I have to tell my stats as the number speaks the actual success of this big event. The number never lies.

We grow as we help others to grow. Thank you Vidhya and Siddhi for this amazing selfless event and for being an awesome host. Thanks to our sponsors PenguinIndia and RedWolf I will be the first person to sign up in every season of TheBookBlogTrain.


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