Book Review- The Demon’s Crystal

Author: Lenard Hale
No Of Pages: 297
Genre: Sci-Fic Thriller


For Eric Frost, Madagascar is a place of beauty and learning. A researcher in bio-robotics, Eric finds the sheer variety of flora and fauna fascinating – but when he finds Unseen Madagascar, an unassuming book by a missing British author named Richard Walters, Eric learns that there’s more to the nation than meets the eye.

The text speaks of an island off the coast of Madagascar known only as Demon Island. There, the author suggests, lives an isolated and hostile tribe of natives who seem to jealously guard something held deeper in the island’s interior.

Eric, along with his friends Ivy and Max, pledge to get to the bottom of the mystery. They travel to Madagascar and begin to plan a journey out to Demon Island, but instead they meet the mysterious Daniel, a self-proclaimed American explorer full of dark warnings and vague stories. He eventually agrees to help Eric and his friends get to Demon Island, but at a price…

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Book Review

I would like to thank the author and Debdatta Sahay for the review copy. My review here is totally unbiased and honest.

when I started to read the story I thought the whole novel is going to be on space. But this book happens on Earth with amazing twist and turns. Actually I should sum it up as “A Full Course package”.

The characters are the main highlights in this book. Each one was weighed,valued and added proportionately to the story. I loved the trio Max, Eric and Ivy.The character flow made a huge positive impact for the narration flow.

But the same characters past was not explained well deeply for the significance of the story. I felt the past was finished too fast with no emotional attachment with no clear picture or I don’t know if author has planned few things for the sequel. Yet I loved every characters in this novel till the end.

On the track of story line there is no bumpy holes to get diverted.The story was absolutely straight “Where is Richard now? ” . The search journey by the characters for the answers is what makes the story more likable.

The pace of the book was really commendable, it was constantly travelling with same thrill. I don’t know if that was the reason author didn’t get too much into the character’s past, thought it would get diverted from the thrill. The language was easy and simple.

The story got me pinned to it absolutely. Author made sure of me to doubt every character to be involved with the secret and settings. The scientific terms and description was bit long but of course essential part of the story.

I was bit disappointed at the end of how it happened. I felt the initial encounter of Max and Eric on Demon island was more fascinating than the end part.I couldn’t concentrate as the end action jumped to different places in a single scene. It could have been more of with focused detailing of one event at a time.

Overall “The Demon’s Crystal” glow was bright throughout the novel with stunning characters and haunting dark places to uncover the shocking secret.


About The Author

(Coutesy: GoodReads)

Though Lenard Hale is a core IT guy for his day job, he’s always been happier writing stories than writing code. Writing a novel has been on his bucket list for years; completing The Demon’s Crystal is that dream becoming a reality. When not absorbed in weaving new stories, Lenard can be found enjoying music, traveling to new locales, riding his bike, and spending too much time in front of his computer.

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