Book Review-Chakravyuh,Through the eyes of young warrior

Author: Aniket S Sharma

Publisher: Notion Press

No Of Pages:216

Genre: Historical /mythology


“CHAKRAVYUH is a modern adaptation of the greatest epic ever written in the history of humankind; MAHABHARATA. This is a retelling of a part of the epic from the perspective of a young warrior who was descendant of Kuru dynasty; born to lead; but destiny had some other plans for him. A loyal son, a loving brother, a caring husband, a disciplined disciple and a true warrior defied all the odds to be decorated in history for many generations to come. His skills and intellect were no less than his forefathers, but he was not bound to the dogmas followed by his ancestors. His judgement of situations was his own, and he didn’t follow the dynastic parlances. In many ways, he was ahead of his times and definitely more mature than his age.

When greed was at its epitome; materialistic desires lead to destruction of humility; the rules of Dharma were rewritten to benefit the selfish desires of just a group; A young boy defied all the odds and wrote a new chapter of his life, becoming immortal in our hearts. This is a story of a chosen warrior who was separated from his father at the age of three. This is a story of a boy, as handsome as sons of Ashwin brothers; as strong as the son of Vayu; as calm as son of Yama; and as skilled as the son of Indra. This is a story of the son of Subhadra and nephew of Krishna.

This is the story of ABHIMANYU.”

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Book Review

I would like to thank Author’s Channel and author for the review copy. My review here is totally honest and unbiased.

Chakravyuh ,the tale of Kurukshetra through the eyes of Abhimanyu, Son of Arjuna.

Special mention to the book binding and cover.

This book is not entirely a retelling of Mahabharata from Abhimanyu’s point of view. The story elaborates the events from Day 1 of war and Abhimanyu dictates the happenings to us through his mind. I am quiet happy that there is only negligent conversation lines in the book and the plot was completely focused through the young warrior’s thought narration.

A war for vengeance, a war to claim one’s share, a war to exhibit what is righteous,a war to show who is superior,a war with so much of game play, a war for sacrifice, a war for prove the trust and respect and importantly a war with most devious plan to win the war on both sides.Out of all a war with so much of bloodshed which ran for many days and Abhimanyu as a narrator put forth the mistakes of both sides. He carried the proud,the shame,the guilt,the sorrow in his heart without backing off from his war ethics and duty.

Characters were magnificent through the context of Abhimanyu which was exaggerated(in a very good way) and implied how powerful and brilliant the foes were and as well as his own. Every book I have read about Mahabharata ,it would be hails of either Krishna or Arjuna mainly. But this book comes as a savior to me as I see the war ,war and war between Kauravaas and Pandavaas. I clearly liked the pages where “soldiers” dutiful fearless act was mentioned. The war is not only about the leaders but the people who fought beside them.

The war formation on each day was majestically laid for the readers imagination.I found many recurring words and kind of scenes,though can’t blame the narration as the book being the war episodes. The narration was constant through out the book and became flat for the same reason.

Overall ” Chakravuyh” is an epic where Abhimanyu narrates here as a spectator while his hands and arrows are playing in the war. “Chakravyuh is a spectacular exhibit of Kurukshektra war which was enormous when seen through the eyes of Abhimanyu,the son of Arjuna”


About The Author

(Courtesy: Author’s Website)

Aniket S Sharma, native Indian, has keen interest in the mythological history of India. He believes in reflecting at the historical events and translate it per the modern era. His interest in understanding the great Indian epics has inspired him in retelling the stories. His idea of following the mythologies is to discuss the achievements of the characters and place them in the modern context. His thoughts of discovering the life from each chapter of history have helped him in identifying the deepest hidden meanings. His mantra of life is “Create Opportunity”, and he believes, “if we create new opportunities each passing day, it would be no less than achieving Nirvana.”

He is also a part of Software Industry and invested more than a decade of his life in it, learning a new chapter every day, as he claims. His previous work was in the field of Business Analysis called “A Quick Reference to Business Analysis” where he added his experiments with the new stream in IT back then. The current book is his first experiment in translating the epic Mahabharata from a different perspective and with this he enters in a different genre. In this book, he attempts to take the reader to an unearthed but delightful voyage.


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