Book Review-Who Killed The Murderer

Author: Moitrayee Bhaduri

Publisher: TreeShades Books

No Of Pages:206

Genre: Thriller, Mystery


When TV actress Shagun Seth mysteriously dies in a beauty parlour in Mumbai, her mother slams murder charges on Shagun’s banker husband Chetan Seth. Chetan’s family suspects that he is being framed and requests private detective Mili Ray to investigate. As Mili and her lawyer-associate Gatha start work, Chetan is released on bail. Soon after, Shagun’s mother is killed!

Is Chetan responsible for these murders? Mili probes deeper and unravels shocking secrets buried beneath Shagun’s world of glitz that leave her baffled. An insecure boyfriend, an estranged husband, an opportunist colleague, a cunning TV producer – Shagun was surrounded by Haters. Even her twelve-year-old son didn’t want to see her alive. Why did everyone hate Shagun?

While meandering through dysfunctional family upheavals and dark showbiz sagas, ex-super cop Mili Ray also struggles to tame her own internal demons.
Will she be able to solve her second case as private detective or succumb to pressure and hang up her boots?

“Who killed the murderer?” is a gripping psychological thriller that will hook you right from the first page. 

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Book Review

I would like to thank Debdatta Sahay and the author for the review copy.

Will you pick a book by seeing the title alone? I picked it up the moment author offered me the review copy. Such a captivating title and you will get the answer for the title too in the first few pages itself.

The start would be nerve biting tale.Definitely I should mention about the mental trigger factors in this book. I found it little hard to cope up or make peace with that fact.There are various and different kinds of mental health issue in this world. This story has been set on one such thing. There is no such thing called small incident in anyone life. A small spark is enough to consume our mental health. Be cautious,be attentive to small change in kids and be kind. 

The first half is the well played part. I had hell lot of doubts as the story progressed. Many questions will popup here that there,I mean almost in half of the book. You will actually doubt the sanity of the victim. You will be tossed between right and wrong. You will feel pity and also be angry at the same time. That’s the best part of this novel.

Everyone has their past and detective Mili too has her own world to get diluted.The course of investigation was fast and kept suspects list to grow on its own pace. Could someone be this devious and evil? well you have to see the victim, the antagonist. A victim throughout her life . Author has specially worked for this character. All other characters were opted to confuse you to the core. There was not much space for others.  


  • Title and the back drop story.
  • Language and narration was simple
  • A short novel which could be finished in one sit.


  • The trigger subject which could haunt you sometime ( Though it was heavy,could be considered as an experience too)
  • The detective character was put on light side, Mili was not much intriguing as like other detectives we have already read.


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