Book Blitz-Unusual Equations by Anu priya

About the Book:

Viraj is struggling to concentrate at work because he has a wife to worry about. But he is more apprehensive because he knows that she is currently parked at the apartment of his arch nemesis.

Madhuri fought with her husband last night and in her rage left the house. She knows there is one place in the world where she is always welcome. She only hopes that she is not crossing any lines.

Aman has for long given up hope. Yet he can’t help but get a kick out of the circumstances that have brought her to his place. Is this is chance finally to bring her back to him?

Lives of three people entwined by love, passion, urge and devotion. Will they survive these unusual equations? Or will it destroy their happiness forever?
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Read an Excerpt:

Anyone who had

seen them together thought that Viraj was one doting husband. Madhuri didn’t

consider it to be a big deal.

“I left my

family for him, after all.” she felt entitled in lieu of the sacrifice

she had made to be with him.

“You gotta be

easy on him, Madhuri. The reason he can’t stop looking at you like a

love-struck puppy even today is not just that you left your family to be with

him. It’s his innate need to love and cherish you,” mentioned one of her free-lancer friends last night.

Madhuri couldn’t care less.

Even Aman

is so loving and caring towards me.

Madhuri sat

upright, jolted. Her thoughts shifted towards her relationship with Aman.


Mads, it’s friendship with Aman.

What Madhuri

shared with Aman was inexplicable. To call it a childhood friendship or

companionship would be marring the beauty of it all.

Growing up in

an extremely patriarchal household, where her brother was almost worshipped,

Aman made her feel like she was the centre of his universe. He was the only

person in her life who never wanted to change a thing about her. He

counseled her, helped her, and when she got herself into any madness, he just

stood along and ensured that he was there to pick her up if she fell.

In fact, it

was Madhuri’s affinity towards getting into all kinds of weird situations while

dealing with people that Aman had christened her – Mads.

A much

suppressed spirit as a child, Madhuri turned out to be rebellious and aloof as

a teenager and a young adult. A part of the reason was also the awareness that

she just had to turn and Aman would definitely be somewhere around the corner.

He was always close by to help her with academics and extracurricular activities. Whenever she reported sick and missed school,

Aman didn’t hesitate to go the extra mile and do double the work by copying all

her class-work and assignments in her notebooks for her.

Madhuri never

worried about even a dime in her life because she knew that Aman was there to

root for her. Always.

Well, not


About the Author:

Anupriya belongs to that generation of Idiots (the proud ones though), who did their engineering first and then decided on what they actually wanted to do. She completed her MBA in Human Resources and worked in the corporate world for 8 years, before taking a professional break. A mom by day and a reader/writer by night, Anupriya is a die-hard romantic. Yet she believes that love (in any relationship) is a part of life, not, the heart of life. And she aims to bring to the world, stories around this theme. She can be found in the dot com world at her blog , which contains her ranting about her experiences in her various roles as a mother, daughter, wife and foremost a human being, all churned together. It is also her outlet to the world where she doles out loads of gyaan on self-improvement and relationship management.
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