Book Review- The Brahmin

Author: Ravi Shankar Etteth Publisher: WestLand Publications No Of Pages: 246 Genre: Historical Thriller, Murder Mystery Blurb The empire is ruled with an iron hand, masterminded by Emperor Ashok. But his kingdom is under siege and even his able spymaster, the enigmatically named Brahmin, is baffled by the murders that have shocked the concubines’ quarters. … Continue reading Book Review- The Brahmin

Book Review-Swear You Won’t Tell

Author: Vedashree Khambete-Sharma Publisher: HarperCollins India No Of Pages:234 Genre: Mystery,Thiller Blurb Dead body, check. Disillusioned reporter, check. Dark and sinister secrets, check. When Mumbai Daily journalist Avantika Pandit is asked to interview her childhood nemesis Aisha Juneja, she knows it will be like an express bikini wax - painful, but quick. Then Laxmi, her … Continue reading Book Review-Swear You Won’t Tell

Book Review: The Killings in November

Author: Rajesh Talwar No Of Pages: 136 Genre: Play, Murder mystery Blurb A killer is on the loose in New Delhi. He is no ordinary killer, and for the past few years, for some unaccountable reason, goes on a relentless killing spree, with murders mounting each day, particularly in the month of November. Always elegantly … Continue reading Book Review: The Killings in November

Book Review- Frozen(Cassie Scot Book Seven)

Author: Christine Amsden Publisher: Twilight Times Books No Of Pages: 212 Genre: Paranormal Mystery Blurb When a couple freezes to death on a fifty degree day, Cassie is called in to investigate. The couple ran a daycare out of their home, making preschoolers the key witnesses and even the prime suspects. Two of those preschoolers are … Continue reading Book Review- Frozen(Cassie Scot Book Seven)

Spotlight- Hiding by Jenny Morton

Book Cover About The Book A gripping psychological thriller with chilling twists, from a unique new voice. Keller Baye and Rebecca Brown live on different sides of the Atlantic. Until she falls in love with him, Rebecca knows nothing of Keller. But he’s known about her for a very long time, and now he wants … Continue reading Spotlight- Hiding by Jenny Morton

Spotlight-Piece Keeper by Antwan Floyd

Book Cover About The Book Teresa Prince, a small town girl with a big heart, had dreams of working in law enforcement her goals put on pause in the worse way possible. Will she overcome this tragedy and emerge triumphant with her mind and soul intact? Or will the mental anguish be too much for … Continue reading Spotlight-Piece Keeper by Antwan Floyd

Book Review- Ben O’reilly

Author: Adam Peled Sold By: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited No Of Pages: 168 Genre: Thriller, Mystery,Action Blurb Imagine finding yourself added to a WhatsApp group whose members start disappearing! Ben O'Reilly, divorced and in his 40s, is a member of an elite reserve combat unit who has lost his faith in love and relationships. He … Continue reading Book Review- Ben O’reilly

Book Review- You Don’t Know What Love Is

Author: P David Hornik Sold By: Amazon Digital Services LLC No Of Pages: 160 Genre: Psychological Drama, Mystery Blurb Enter the troubled inner worlds of five unforgettably real characters . . . Lou and Hettie and their three teenagers are on summer vacation at a lake in upstate New York. On the surface, a peaceful mountain … Continue reading Book Review- You Don’t Know What Love Is